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12th February 2019
Alex Lynn

Industry is in a process of rapid and radical change, as topics like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning continue to make inroads into connected industry. Running under the lead theme of ‘Industrial Intelligence’, HANNOVER MESSE 2019 will zero in on this trend, with a simultaneous focus on the role of human beings, the decisive idea generators for the factory of the future.

From 1st to 5th April, an anticipated 6,500 companies from 75 nations will be exhibiting at HANNOVER MESSE. Global corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and startups alike will all be showcasing their components and system solutions for tomorrow's industrial production and energy systems. Providers of automation, robotics, industrial software, drive systems and fluid power technology, energy technologies, subcontracting and research and development will be represented at the show.

"HANNOVER MESSE is the world's only platform to highlight the way mechanical and electrical engineering components and systems mesh with the digital technologies offered by software and IT companies," said Dr Jochen Köckler, Chairman of the Deutsche Messe Managing Board. "It is the only place where visitors from the production and energy industries can get a panorama view of the future of industry."

More than 100 user examples of machine learning
"Artificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionise industry," stated Köckler. "In the future, AI technologies will be used to control connected production plants and continuously improve systems, all the while increasing quality standards, as manufacturing processes become increasingly flexible and cost-efficient."

Industrial companies are increasingly taking advantage of innovative digital technologies, employing data analysis to gain relevant insights into optimisation potential, to enhance existing products by adding new digital services or launch completely new business models on the market. Machine learning and artificial intelligence play a key role here by linking data from different sources, predicting errors and solving problems. 

5G for industry
From 2020 onward, the new 5G mobile communications standard is set to lay the cornerstone for the sweeping digitisation of German economy and society. Leading-edge technologies like machine learning in production and autonomous driving will then become ready for application. Köckler explained: "5G is going to enable industry to realise the full potential of Industry 4.0."

Here, too, HANNOVER MESSE will be offering a concrete glimpse of the future. In Hall 16 there will be a 5G test field. Together with network equipment provider Nokia, the ‘5G Arena’ will demonstrate the potential for industry opened up by the fifth generation of mobile communications.

The future of work
But the lead theme of "Industrial Intelligence" means more than just smart technology: i.e. the digital networking of people and machines in an age of artificial intelligence.

"When we talk about the advantages of artificial intelligence, this doesn't mean we can do without human intelligence, on the contrary," explained Köckler. "Responsibility, creativity and leadership, with these qualities, people will continue to play the most important role in tomorrow's industry."

Which is why cooperation between people and machines will be one of the central themes at HANNOVER MESSE 2019. The new "Future of Work in Industry" conference will make a significant contribution to this. On April 3rd, some 300 experts, thought leaders and industry leaders will meet to discuss the impact of digitisation on labour skills and organisation. These include philosopher and author Richard David Precht, Siemens Chief Human Resources Officer Janina Kugel and ‘human cyborg’ Ralf Neuhäuser.

Energy infrastructure and lightweight design for tomorrow's mobility
Mobility is a cornerstone of our industrial society. It shapes our lives and is the dominant megatrend of our time. The automobile remains at the core of individual mobility. The energy infrastructure for electric mobility aims to plays a key role at HANNOVER MESSE. The solutions presented by exhibiting companies there create the necessary conditions for the success of the mobility turnaround.

Another focus of HANNOVER MESSE 2019 will be lightweight design, which also has an important role to play in the eMobility megatrend. But other industries are also discovering the potential of lightweight design, which goes far beyond mere savings in weight, material consumption and costs. Rather, it is a matter of making a product or component better, for example in terms of its resilience, efficiency, design and resource consumption. 

A highlight in this context consists of the Federal Government's first lightweight design summit at HANNOVER MESSE, organised by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy on Tuesday, April 2nd.

Industrial Pioneers Summit
Looking into the future also includes the question of what will come after Industry 4.0. Specialists in digitisation, AI, human-machine collaboration and platform economics will address these issues at the first Industrial Pioneers Summit , which is reportedly slated to attract more than 500 participants on Tuesday at the show. The aim is to develop a vision for the year 2025.

Sweden is the official Partner Country at HANNOVER MESSE 2019, highlighting a country which likewise stands for progress and innovation. Sweden will be showcasing itself as a driver of the digital transformation of industry; something which is by now unthinkable without AI.

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