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Free seminar covers LED/Lighting, IoT and wearables

1st March 2016
Mick Elliott

Top industry names will be exhibiting and presenting at Motiv8’s first free technical seminars. The first seminar covering LED and Lighting Design including IoT/M2M and Wearable Technology will take place on Tuesday March 8 at the Williams F1 Conference Centre at Grove, near Oxford.

The free seminar schedule consists of a morning of technical presentations and an afternoon of hands-on workshops. Delegates can visit the exhibition area during breaks for coffee and lunch and before the morning conference session.

Companies signed up as sponsors include Keysight Technologies, Texas Instruments, Digi-Key Electronics, Coilcraft, Silicon Highway, Wurth Elektronik, Yokogawa and Outsource Electronics. Ineltek, AR Electronics, Provertha and SanDisk complete the exhibitor list.

The morning technical presentations will kick off with Yokogawa presenting on Electrical power measurement based on DSO technology, really? The title alone should be enough of a draw.

Next topic on the agenda will be Wireless power transfer coil selection for wearable tech from Wurth Elektronik. The pre-lunch spot will be filled by ISSI looking at Embedded Memories and LED Products.

In the afternoon workshops Yokogawa will take a close look at High Precision Harmonic measurement of LED’s. Wurth Elektronik will consider Wireless power transfer coil selection for wearable tech. SanDisk will examine Edge Storage in IoT.

The day includes a tour of Sir Frank Williams’ F1 collection of over 40 Grand Prix cars and unlimited access to the F1 simulator.

The second free seminar covering the same topics takes place om Wednesday March 9 at the Moller Centre in Cambridge.

Nvidia will kick off the technical presentation programme looking at TX1 – The embedded platform with machine learning for new generation of intelligent systems & autonomous UAV’s. Yokogawa is next up with its Electrical power measurement based on DSO technology, really? Paper followed by Coilcraft presenting on Energy harvesting enters IOT world.

The afternoon workshop sessions in Cambridge has SanDisk considering Edge Storage in IoT, Yokogawa examining High Precision Harmonic measurement of LED’s and Coilcraft proposing Ultra-Low Power, High Efficiency and Small Size Solutions.

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