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FPGA reference design enables live production over IP

2nd November 2015
Jordan Mulcare

Macnica Americas and intoPIX will be demonstrating a recent FPGA solution designed to carry UHD4K over IP in studio infrastructure, using TICO lightweight compression over RTP at the SMPTE 2015 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Hollywood, California, at the Macnica Booth, Solano Canyon room, booth SC7.

The demonstration features an Altera FPGA development kit using an Altera HDMI 2.0 IP core with UHD 4K 60 frames per second input in 4:2:2, intoPIX TICO IP cores doing the encoding and Macnica Americas IP cores doing the mapping over RTP and transport over 10GbE. A very low latency can be achieved with a minimum of 9 pixel lines in total and a compression up to 4:1.

“Altera’s close collaboration with our partners, intoPIX and Macnica, enables our customers to transport true 4K60 video over 10GbE as well as show the seamless translation to Altera’s HDMI 2.0 IP. This is another significant step in making IP networks in a video workflow a reality,” commented Umar Mughal, Director, Broadcast Business Unit, Altera. 

“IntoPIX’s TICO Codec is the perfect fit for RTP transport solutions. The video quality is truly visually lossless, and occupies the same bandwidth as a 1080p stream. We value our partnership with IntoPIX to bring flexible IP transport solutions to Broadcast customers,” said Marc Levy, CTO, Macnica Americas.

“Macnica Americas is the first provider of a full reference design solution based on TICO lightweight compression with RTP mapping to carry UHD-4K over 10GbE IP suitable for new IP-based studio infrastructures. intoPIX and Macnica Americas have already successfully worked together to bring a VSF TR01 JPEG2000 over TS and ST2022-1/2 design . With this new reference design, we are together again accelerating the market migration towards IP-based ecosystem," added Gael Rouvroy, C.T.O, intoPIX.

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