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Fluke to showcase new cleantech tools at Light + Building

21st September 2022
Mick Elliott

Fluke says it will reveal a selection of new-to-market and rugged, handheld tools and approaches for energy efficiency, enhancing the adoption of cleantech technology and improving safety at this year’s Light + Building exhibition in Frankfurt (October 2-6).


Andreas Schuler, Electrical Sales Manager Germany at Fluke says: “Fluke is one of the leading global technology providers headquartered in Europe that specialises in helping small to medium sized businesses through to large blue-chip organisations to eliminate wasteful practices by becoming more energy efficient and safe. Fluke’s integrated solutions save customers time and money by combining industry-specific engineering with new technology to improve electrical and industrial installation, maintenance and service, precision measurement and quality control processes across many industries.”

Fluke’s stand will also be showcasing products from Beha-Amprove, a provider of quality testing tools for electricians and HVAC technicians working in residential, industrial and commercial environments, located in Germany. The company was acquired by Fluke Corporation in 2003.

The company’s participation at Light + Building comes at a time of growing international and European initiatives to improve energy efficiency in buildings, which has a key role to play in achieving the European Green Deal’s ambitious goal of carbon-neutrality by 2050.

Collectively, buildings are responsible for 40% of the European Union’s energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions, which mainly stem from construction, usage, renovation, and demolition, according to the European Commission. HVAC systems alone account for 38% of a building’s energy consumption, equivalent to 12% of final energy usage.

Fluke’s dedicated solutions address the detection of the most common sources of energy loss and wastage found in commercial and residential buildings, including poor building insulation, leaks and wear in HVAC systems, as well as the operation and maintenance of electrical appliances and building systems.

“Building and facility managers can struggle to accurately identify and isolate energy loss and measure efficiency improvements. However, Fluke’s easy-to-use tools for detection are designed to quickly and accurately identify faults so energy can be recovered and preserved for future use. In addition to this, our professional online tools and software solutions help companies to quantify the cost of leaks and other defects, prioritize them for repair and demonstrate return on investment,” said Schuler.

“We are committed to improving the building, service and maintenance industries with our innovative product offering that aligns with European initiatives for sustainable infrastructure. We will continue to innovate and address the emerging needs of customers in response to the global shift towards sustainable development.”

Cleantech technology relates to an approach to reduce the environmental impact of human activity through wasteful practices. Experts from Fluke will share their expertise and provide integrated solutions for renewable energy harvesting, electric vehicles and electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS).

Fluke will be launching a new-to-market handheld tool used in the installation, commissioning, and routine maintenance testing of EVCS at Light + Building. The user-friendly tool is compatible with Fluke’s leading multifunction testers and can be paired with Fluke’s range of multimeters or scope meters for investigative troubleshooting.

“Testing of these high-power, live voltage electric systems is critical and must be completed every six to 12 months in accordance with strict international and European standards. The new safety features included in Fluke’s exciting new tool surpass other competitive products in the market,” commented  Schuler.  

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