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Firework display of innovations at electronica 2018

9th November 2018
Alex Lynn

electronica, the international fair for the electronic industry, presents innovative technologies and trends. Thousands of exhibitors contribute to the trade fair and demonstrate the breadth and variety of the product range and fields of application. This year, Kyocera presents a whole host of new products from different areas of the company.

The Kyocera display division shows innovative micro-LEDs for the first time. Differently to LCDs, micro-LED pixels are self-illuminating and consist of fewer µm-sized LEDs. The high level of brightness and contrast as well as a long lifetime represent advantages over LCDs.

Other highlights in the display segment are 3D head-up displays (HUD) in the ADAS segment and the patented Haptivity technology integrated in a seven inch display. Additionally, the company presents displays with an InCell camera. This innovative technology ensures that the driver is not aware of the camera and therefore not distracted.

Kyocera, in addition to display technology, presents its new Peltier element for advanced thermo-management systems from the automotive components area. The electronic components area is represented at electronica for the first time and presents MLCC, quartz products and power devices.

The Kyocera semiconductor segment presents its ultra-high frequency RFID-transponder with its robust ceramic package which also fastens to metal. Therefore, they are suitable for reliably tracking tools in a variety of areas. An additional innovation of the Japanese manufacturer in the semiconductor segment includes the Torokeru sheet, also called T-sheet. This sheet melts when heated and so custom-seals a whole electronic component group.

The remote sensing technology LiDAR is increasingly used for the measurement of distances. Kyocera develops and produces the packages and substrates required for the so-called pulse laser. LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging.

The fine ceramic component unit presents lamination technology for heat exchangers and cooling element applications. In addition, complex and precise structures for pressure sensors and metallised ceramic components are displayed with high-voltage resistance and excellent hermeticity. Fine ceramic components are not only manufactured in a high-volume series production but also for niche applications and have high product reliability.

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