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Feabhas Course Explains How Programmers Can Take Responsibility for Code Quality

19th June 2014
Jacqueline Regnier

Feabhas have announced a new course specifically designed for C++ software developers who wish to learn how to do more rigorous testing during product development.

Designed for software engineers working in a real-time embedded environment that have to create and also test their own code, "Embedded Software Testing with C++" is a four day course covering software verification and validation. The course is a mixture of lectures and practical exercises.

"Verification and validation are vital parts of the software quality process," said Niall Cooling, Managing Director at Feabhas. "This is especially true in the real-time embedded environment, where the system may be subject to strict safety or reliability requirements.”

Feabhas’s new course introduces the concepts and practices of testing embedded software across the entire development lifecycle.

Attendees will learn how to create their own test harnesses, how to use test harnesses for embedded systems, integration testing using test doubles, and how to write code in a Test-Driven development style.

During the practical exercises, delegates will gain hands-on experience with development environments and Open Source testing tools and frameworks. Attendees will also perform exercises in software verification and Agile development practices.

“As systems are becoming more complex, the need for reliable code is becoming ever more important,” said Niall Cooling. “Organisations that use Effective Testing have found that quality issues are identified and addressed earlier in the project. This approach saves time and reduces costs, and results in a better customer experience.”

Feabhas is a recognised leader in the training of software engineers for real-time and embedded systems, and is also an ARM Accreditation Training

Partner (AATP). Feabhas's clients include many of the world's leading technology companies in a wide variety of industries, from telecoms, automotive, defence and aerospace, to consumer devices and instrumentation.

Feabhas have recently announced that they will be a key sponsor for the 2014 UK Device Developers’ Conference and will be presenting a half-day workshop on the ARM Cortex-M architecture.

The range of other courses available at Feabhas includes subjects such as C/C++, Embedded Linux, Embedded Windows, UML, Android and Embedded Java.

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