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10th January 2017
Anna Flockett

Again supporting the efficiency and innovative strength of the global embedded industry with first-class specialist knowledge, is this year’s embedded world Conference and electronic displays conference. The central objectives of the conferences are to provide specifically targeted knowledge, to highlight trends and current themes, to offer a glimpse into the future and to facilitate a dialogue between experts.

This year the spotlight will once again be on the highly topical issues of ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Security and Safety’. The keynote speeches will be held by Rick Clemmer, CEO of NXP and Riccardo Mariani, Chief Functional Safety Technologist at Intel.

The link between theory and practice will be provided by special presentations on M2M, electronic displays and safety and security within the exhibition itself. This is where the forward-looking presentations will be given visual form in the exhibition halls. The industry event for the international embedded community will be taking place in Exhibition Centre Nuremberg for the 15th time from 14th-16th March.

It is now just a few months until the embedded world Exhibition and Conference opens its doors. This year, once again, it will be demonstrating that it is the number one event for the global embedded community and is a driving force for the Internet of Things. Now in its 15th year, the event is once again on course for substantial growth.

Benedikt Weyerer, Exhibition Director embedded world at NürnbergMesse, by way of an initial perspective said: “The embedded world event is continuing its success story and looks likely to grow in size once again in 2017. We have already exceeded the display area from the last event but that is not the only piece of good news: for the first time we expect 1000 exhibitors to take part in 2017.”

Weyerer added: “This once again underscores the fact that embedded world is the No. 1 gathering of the international embedded community.”

Over the years it has continually evolved to become the most important trade fair of its kind worldwide.

“The range of topics relating to the development of embedded systems is growing rapidly. But thanks to their clear structure and focus on the main changes, both congresses are tailored precisely to meet the needs of developers and provide them with practical solutions to current issues,” said Professor Matthias Sturm, Exhibition Council Chair and Conference Chair, Steering Board embedded world Conference.

In 2017 once again, the focussed programmes of the embedded world Conference and the electronic displays Conference will convincingly show the trade world that the focus here is on topical, high-quality, very precise specialist knowledge.

Spotlight on IoT and safety and security
The theme of the embedded world conference is ‘Securely Connecting the Embedded World’. As well as the two thematic focus areas ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Safety and Security’, the event offers another four conference clusters.

The various clusters consist of sessions and classes and therefore enable participants to choose between very topical, practice-based presentations or highly technical tutorials devoted to exploring a specific issue in depth.

In their respective keynotes entitled ‘Protecting the Internet of Things: From Clear and Present Danger to Robust Security’ and ‘IoT: Functional Safety and Security for a World of Software-Defined Autonomous Things’ renowned industry experts Rick Clemmer and Riccardo Mariana will explore the overall conference theme and main focus areas.

A total of 15 sessions over all three conference days are devoted to these two issues and will look at topics such as future IoT development, software development, profiles and interfaces in the IoT, virtualisation, ‘Trusted Platform Modules’ (TPM), hacking and attacking, security in the automotive and industrial sectors and secure communication.

The Security and Safety cluster will be complemented by three extra classes, including an updated version of the established embedded security class.

Always up-to-date: embedded world conference 2017 topics
The remaining thematic clusters are also highly topical and extremely interesting. For example, under the banner ‘Software and Systems Engineering’ participants can learn about system design and modelling, MISRA standards, open source software and software quality and standards. Another six different in-depth tutorials will also be devoted to software.

In the hardware engineering area, speakers will explore topics like ARM Cortex, particularly energy-saving hardware, ‘high performance embedded architectures’ (HiPEAC), system on a chip and image processing in its embedded manifestation.

The embedded OS area will look at various embedded operating systems, highlight the biggest mistakes when choosing an embedded OS and explore the criteria for RTOS-based development. Five classes allow participants to also gain specific in-depth knowledge in these areas.

The wide range of topics covered by the embedded world conference will be rounded off by a session on management focus, designed by the Steering Board to appeal primarily to managers and team leaders and support them with managing development tasks.

The entire programme of presentations for the embedded world Conference with contributions by international experts in 36 sessions and 15 classes, plus presentation abstracts and information about the speakers are available online.  Interest in the congress can also be registered directly online.

Everything about electronic displays in a nutshell
Professor Karlheinz Blankenbach from the University of Pforzheim said: “The electronic displays conference is on a par with the embedded world conference. Since it was launched more than 30 years ago, it has become established as the most important European B2B platform for display technologies. We are delighted by this outstanding development. The large number of high-calibre papers submitted shows the strong commitment of the embedded community to our conference.”

On 15th and 16th March 2017 developers, scientists and users of electronic displays will once again conduct a dialogue about the latest display technologies such as LCD, OLED or ePaper, flexible displays, 3D displays, GUIs, touch screens, the wide range of applications for these displays and the development of the market.

The highlights in 2017 will include keynote presentations on new approaches in display technology and market and display trends, given by internationally recognised experts. Success factors for displays in automotive applications and the latest trends in touchscreens will be among the main themes and highlights of the conference.

The programme will be rounded off by sessions on such topics as display measuring equipment, interfaces and display optimisation. The popular author interviews after each session provide an excellent opportunity to discuss the presentation in a small group.

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