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EuMW 2019: Self-lock connector makes show debut

30th September 2019
Mick Elliott

Expertise in RF solutions for a range of applications will be showcased by Huber & Suhner at European Microwave Week 2019 in Paris (October 1-3). The company will present its latest innovations for harsh environments including the debut of its new SMP Self-Lock (SMP-SL) connector for industrial applications.

Cost-effective, robust and providing dependable connectivity for aerospace, defense and industrial applications, the SMP-SL connector is designed to speed installation with a secure locking mechanism that prevents accidental loss of connection.

The design provides a visual inspection feature to verify full mating engagement, intended to reduce installation and inspection time during systems integration. The SMP-SL is designed to meet the requirements for high vibration and shock environment applications.

Combining a MIL-STD-348 SMP interface with a low-profile self-locking design delivers an integral solution with exceptional electrical and mechanical performance.“As market leaders for aerospace, defence and industrial connectivity solutions, we launch the SMP-SL to grant customers quick and reliable installations for a wide array of applications,” said Ana Maria Grigonis, Product Manager at HUBER+SUHNER. “The SMP-SL was originally developed for heavy-duty high-volume space applications. The new industrial version offers cost savings without compromising on the electrical and mechanical performance that customers have come to expect, regardless of the application.Alongside the launch of its SMP-SL connector solution, HUBER+SUHNER will also perform a robot demonstration of the SUCOFLEX 500 series to show its long-lasting durability.

Designed to withstand abrasion, pressure and moisture, this ground-breaking solution is the go-to assembly for precise and long-lasting connectivity.

The cable is perfectly suited for numerous test and measurement applications, including bench-top testing, high throughput RF production and for vector network analyser measurements up to 50GHz.For applications, in which constant electrical characteristics in fluctuating temperatures are vital, such as the mission critical applications of aerospace and defence, the CT (phase Constant over Temperature) cable assemblies – also be on display – are the solutions of choice.

The portfolio, which includes flexible, semi-rigid, and hand formable variations, provides a stable and reliable interconnect solution where phase vs. temperature performance is paramount.Following its reinforced commitment to RF Energy as a founding member of the International Microwave Power Institute’s (IMPI) new Solid State RF Energy section, Hannes Grubinger, Market Manager General Industrial at HUBER+SUHNER will demonstrate its solutions for the RF Energy market with a live-action demonstration to show state-of-the-art integration of the technology into microwave cooking applications.

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