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Ersa displays entry-level to high-end production systems

31st July 2015
Nat Bowers

Kurtz Ersa North America has announced that it will exhibit at Supplier Expo Nogales 2015, scheduled to take place Friday 14th August 2015 in Nogales, Mexico. Company representatives will showcase the i-CON 1 soldering station, i-CON VARIO 4, ERSASCOPE 2, MOBILE SCOPE and the Smartflow 2020.

In all process steps the automatic Smartflow system uses the same successful and proven Ersa selective soldering technology as the large Ersa VERSAFLOW systems without compromising quality and accuracy. The Smartflow 2020 selective soldering system requires less than 3m² of space, thus fitting optimally into cell production environments.

With the Smartflow, Ersa finally closes the gap from its high-end Versaflow platform to an entry level machine. Due to its universal pallet fastening, the Smartflow can handle PCB sizes of up to 508x508mm (20x20”).

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