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embedded world 2021 DIGITAL opens with Infineon keynote

1st March 2021
Joe Bush

Dr Reinhard Ploss, CEO, Infineon Technologies, kicked-off this year’s embedded world exhibition, which is of course taking place solely as a digital event.

Having been introduced by Axel Sikora, Chairman of the embedded world Conference, Ploss could only really start in one place – the coronavirus pandemic. In terms of its impact on electronics, the IoT and the development of technology, Ploss said that COVID-19 has acted as a trigger point to make us think about what is happening in the IoT space, how it could be done differently, and the role the IoT can play in the future.

Currently we have digital systems at our fingertips which have enabled us to survive the various lockdowns that have been thrown at us, however, Ploss added that these are still falling short of what the IoT is truly capable of today, and the pandemic has help accelerate that.

“There was more than 11 billion connected IoT devices at the end of 2020, so the IoT is changing the way we live, work and communicate and it will help us solve some of the major global challenges moving forward,” he added.

“Semiconductors, software and electronics are the key elements of that change. The unbelievable speed of progress enables things which we have not thought of before. Now, it is time to sit down together and ask - what else can be done?

“For us as a semiconductor company, we have to be able to think about what is needed, and what will make a difference. Our story of success has always been based around the elements which are ready to support change - demographics and society, climate change, urbanisation etc.”

He added that change within these different factors hinges on digital transformation. “When you ask me what we should think about during embedded world show, it is how do we matter to the world.”

To this end he further highlighted some key challenges that will need to be addressed in order for the IoT solutions of tomorrow to work. We have to find the sweet spot between performance, power consumption and cost.

Secondly there is an ongoing issue around space constraints. Security needs to be ensured within connected systems without compromising ease of use. Cloud and edge computing need to be balanced effectively, and products will need to be brought to market quickly.

Ploss added: “The challenge for the companies of tomorrow is not the best product. It’s not the best technology, or about software, it is how to put this together in a solution. My conviction is that only companies who can do all this and are able to switch their centre of gravity from system to product to technology, and back, will be successful.

“For us at Infineon the IoT is about providing for us better performance and making life easier, in an environmentally conscious way. And it’s really inspiring to address that. We are fascinated by technology. But we are you more fascinated by what we can achieve with this it.”

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