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Embedded vision and MIPI cameras at ISC West

1st April 2019
Alex Lynn

At ISC West this year, Vision Components will present embedded solutions for automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) and security applications, as well as MIPI camera modules. The smart cameras with powerful processors manage complex image processing routines. This makes for compact, low-maintenance autonomous solutions with no need for external computer support. 

In addition to these full-fledged image processing systems, the manufacturer now introduces a line of ultracompact MIPI camera modules that interface to more than 20 CPU boards, including all Raspberry Pi boards, all 96Boards, NVIDIA TX1 and TX2. These MIPI boards are available with various image sensors including Sony Pregius CMOS sensors. They are designed as high-end, durable, high-tech components. Vision Components can supply large volumes at consumer prices.

Another highlighted exhibit, the Carrida Cam, is an OEM camera running the Carrida ALPR software. This hardware-independent software processes all common image and video file formats as well as video streams. Tested and proven in parking management, toll collection, and traffic monitoring, it provides cycle times of 15 to 20ms and more than 96% recognition accuracy for plates from over 50 countries already. 

The Carrida software runs on Windows, Linux, or Android, on PC or ARM architectures. It is ideal for OEMs working in heterogeneous hardware environments or seeking to analyse different file formats. Vision Components also offers the Carrida Make and Model software, which currently recognises hundreds of European and US vehicle brands and models. This tool can be used as a standalone or alongside license plate recognition to increase accuracy. 

The team is looking forward to advising ISC West visitors on the best solutions for all their security-related vision applications. The manufacturer also showcases its full range of board cameras, stereo cameras, and enclosed, standalone cameras. 

Additional software includes pre-programmed functions for face and object detection, motion tracking, and people counting. Drawing on this extensive Vision Components offering, OEMs developing their own vision applications can save a lot of time and effort. Vision Components and its partners provide qualified customer support around the world.

Find Vision Components at ISC West, Las Vegas, 10th to 12th April 2019, Booth #2051.

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