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Dispensing applications to be exhibited at NEPCON South China

29th July 2014
Staff Reporter

In booth A-1K25 at NEPCON South China, Techcon Systems will exhibit the TS9200D Jet Tech, the TSR2000 Bench Top Robot Series and the TS7000 IMP Series Auger Valves amongst other products. NEPCON South China is scheduled to take place August 26-28, 2014 at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.

The TS9200D Jet Tech is a non-contact dispense valve capable of jetting fluid viscosities to 400,000 Cps. Jet Tech offers a fast jetting action producing hundreds of precise droplets in less than one second. The main feature of the valve is a single, easily replaceable diaphragm to eliminate dynamic fluid seals found in other jet valves. Money and time is saved as it is not necessary to disassemble, clean and replace worn seals. Allowing fast cycle rates due to its very small mass, there is also There is no large sliding valve stem to slows down the process. With this diaphragm design, the energy needed to eject a drop can be adjusted providing a wider process window.

The TSR2000 Bench Top Robot Series will also be exhibited, and is designed for a wide range of fluid dispensing applications, from inline to batch. With the three models (TSR2201, TSR2301 and TSR2401) able to accommodate a wide range of working envelopes, the easy-to-program robot features dedicated fluid dispensing software, eliminating the need for complex robot language programming. With fully integrated positioning and fluid dispensing functions, the system is compatible with all Techcon Systems syringes, valves and jet dispensing systems.

The TS7000 IMP Series Auger Valves dispense material with a rotary displacement action using a rotary feed screw principle. During operation, air pressure pushes the material from the syringe into the feed screw chamber. As the feed screw rotates, the material travels between the threads and out of the dispense tip. The feed screw is driven by the DC motor. TS7000 IMP incorporates an “Interchangeable Material Path” that allows for quick and easy replacement of the auger screw.

Also on show will be 700 Series syringe and components and dispensing tips options, which include the TE Series Tips, TE Series Bent Tips, TT Tips, TS-P Plastic Tips, and Brush Tips. Cartridges are available in 2½, 6, 8, 12 and 20 oz. as well as 1/10 gallon capacities. Each size can be used with handheld or bench mounted air powered dispensing tools or manual dispensing tools. Cartridges are molded in either standard or low-density Polyethylene.

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