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Discover the future of the electronics industry at ELEXCON 2017

19th December 2017
Alice Matthews

At this year's ELEXCON & Embedded Expo, five technology themes will be showcased that are shaping the future of the electronics industry. The highlighted tracks include next-gen smart phone technology; sense technologies: smart home, AI, smart medical care and IoT; automotive electronics, car networking, motor, battery and electric control; global distributors and providers are dedicated to presenting faster Internet services; and preparing for 2018 - charging classrooms.

ELEXCON 2017 will be held in Shenzhen at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre, from 21st to 23rd December 2017. Some 500 exhibitors and 50,000 industry professionals will gather in China’s international electronic manufacturing epicentre. Pre-registration is open now by clicking here or via WeChat.

More than 1,000 products and solutions related to smart phones, smart home furnishing, smart cars, smart hardware, sensing technologies and wireless communication solutions will be displayed at the exhibition. For example, KYOCERA, Murata and CITIZEN, HOLITECH, Shineway, ECT, and Tri-ring will showcase the latest smart phone technologies including full screen, face recognition, 3D sensing, wireless charging, new materials and processes. Attendees will also see smart phone advancements that are shaping other markets, such as automotive electronics and IoT. With the participation of leading international brands, ELEXCON 2017 offers an in-depth expo experience.

Additional product highlights include: 

  • Miniature blood flow sensor developed by KYOCERA
  • MEMS sensor and NCU series patched temperature sensor bed provided by Murata 
  • Vibration feedback module and multi-sensor integrated module of IoT developed by Alps
  • Solutions to deal with wireless module, sensor node and gateway problems offered by SunTec
  • AI rearview camera under research and development stage will be able to identify people, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, which will make drivers safer from Kyocera

To enhance the attendee experience, ELEXCON 2017 will feature many conferences and seminars. This year’s titles include:

  • Wireless Charging Industry Summit Forum
  • New Technology of Mobile Phone Release Conference
  • China Mobile Manufacture Forum 2017
  • Wireless Charging Industry Summit Forum (sponsored by the charger head website “Chongdiantou”) 
  • EV & Autotronics China Expo
  • All Schools of Car Networking Forum sponsored by Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Association
  • Main Technology Conference of Electric Vehicles
  • Roundtable of Electric Vehicle Total Research on Magnetic Components of New Energy Vehicle and Their Development Trend

There will also be many training courses during this year's exhibition, such as:

  • Quick charge of century power training 
  • Medical equipment EMC electromagnetic compatibility training
  • Technical Analysis of High Speed Digital Connector 
  • Series Research Courses of Electronic Manufacturing Technology
  • Development of 2.4G RF Wireless Technology
  • 2017 TI Engineer Training

The supply chain will also be represented with distributors and online retailers including Digi-Key, Mouser, Arrow, CEC Port, Sekorm, SZLCSC, YKY, Iczoom, Icorebuy, Rightic, Digital Network, and B1B.

ELEXCON 2017 offers attendees an opportunity to learn about advanced technologies supporting future product and project R&D, seek substitutive product solutions with lower costs or higher quality, and exchange with industrial elites, suppliers, media and industry organisations on latest researches and their respective views.

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