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DENSO to exhibit at ITS World Congress 2017 Montreal

26th October 2017
Enaie Azambuja

DENSO has announced it will exhibit at the 24th ITS World Congress 2017, October 29th to November 2nd, in Montreal, Canada, under the theme "Automated Driving, Connected Driving Technologies and Systems for Safe and Reliable Mobility." DENSO's exhibit is located in booth 600. DENSO is focused on developing automated driving technologies that will help to deliver safe, reliable and flexible mobility for all people, as well as enable the efficient transportation of goods.

In addition to automated driving, connected driving is another area where DENSO sees an opportunity to create new value. While connected vehicles will help to provide a more comfortable and convenient automotive society, connected driving also presents unique challenges for security. DENSO is working on cybersecurity technologies to address these emerging threats.

DENSO also will exhibit the fundamental products in these areas, such as the ADAS Locator and in-vehicle V2X devices. Visitors will be able to experience AI technologies for assisting decision-making depending on the driving environment such as changing lanes, merging, and for preventing careless, distracted, and inattentive driving.

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