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Debut of bio-conformal coat from Electrolube

3rd December 2021
Beatrice O'Flaherty

Whilst attending Productronica 2021 this November, Electronic Specifier spoke to Julia Vorley, Group Marketing Manager for Electrolube, who told us that they’d recently been acquired by MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions.

Some of Electrolube’s most notable sales are in conformal coating, encapsulation, resins and thermal management materials. Their biggest areas of growth have been in the automotive industry, particularly with the rise of electric vehicles (EVs) and their batteries, smart technology and the internet of things (IoT).

Of MacDermid Alpha’s acquisition, Vorley said: “The benefits of being part of the group is the amount of extra power and products it gives us. It’s enabling us to become a one-stop-shop.

Vorley discussed Electrolube’s new bio-conformal coating, which they unveiled at Productronica. Named the UVCLX, UV Cure Coating Xtra, 75% of its organic content is obtained from renewable sources.

Electrolube call the coating one of their most versatile and high level performance to protect electronic circuitry against harsh environments within the automotive industry where there’s greater risk of chemical attack.

Whilst coating materials have traditionally been formulated in solvent-based form, this has been reduced because of environmental concerns. Customers are aware of the ‘waste’ generated from the energy required to remove solvents.

Electrolube’s solvent-free technology responds to these concerns. Vorley said: “It’s green in colour and green in nature. Organic, renewable content that doesn’t compromise on performance or quality. We’re a chemicals company that is zero waste to landfill.”

Electrolube call the coating “completely unique to the industry” and state that it provides the highest levels of protection whilst maintain swift processing time. It stands in contrast to other coatings that can take weeks for a complete cure and sometimes remain uncured. UVCLX guarantees full cure in less than 24 hours by virtue of secondary chemical cure mechanism.

The coating that achieve great edge coverage over sharp components, optimally applied between 200-350μm. It is hydrophobic and provides protection against moisture, salt mist and full immersion for short periods.

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