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Cyber security in the spotlight

31st October 2016
Joe Bush

Automotive security will be a leading topic for the Cyber Security Forum at electronica 2016. Applications will be addressed in the context of securing communication over telematics systems. Connected cars are potentially more vulnerable to attack. Car networks need to be brought up-to-date using a Secure Network Platform, fortifying the car’s connected environment with an inclusive component shell. Speakers from leading semiconductor companies will be presenting on these topics.

Timo van Roermund, Security Architect at NXP Semiconductors, will discuss the Connected Car, which as part of a Smarter World, is highly connected to, and interacting with its environment. It brings enormous promises for increased comfort, safety and efficiency. But it also raises questions regarding security and privacy - like all connected devices, it also becomes a target for hackers.

In the last two years we have seen a few high profile vehicle hacks, which have proven that (most) current vehicle architectures are not sufficiently ‘secure by design’.

This presentation sketches an integral approach to protecting modern vehicles against such ‘cyber attacks’, comprising a ‘defence-in-depth’ strategy, cryptography and associated key management, hardware security solutions, software (OTA) updates and lifecycle management. The presentation will also outline a few of the challenges ahead for the automotive industry.

Paul Wooderson, Senior Functional Safety/Cyber Security Engineer at Horiba Mira, will present on standards and the relationship between safety and security. HORIBA MIRA is a global provider of pioneering engineering, research and test services to the automotive, defence, aerospace and rail sectors. The company works in close collaboration with vehicle manufacturers and suppliers around the world, providing comprehensive support ranging from individual product tests to turnkey engineering design, development and build programmes.

Jürgen Spänkuch, Head of Platform Security for Infineon, will address the issues surrounding cyber security in automotive.

Bryce Johnstone, Director, Ecosystems, Segment Marketing, Imagination Technologies will also speak on security in the automotive sector.

Johnstone is responsible for identifying future market opportunities and establishing partnerships with OEMs, service providers and technology companies within automotive and adjacent market segments.

Scalable and secure solutions will be discussed in the context of specific products enabling the level of security required in a system or product, including how to ensure secure communication between a gateway and server.

Niroshan Rajadurai, Director, EMEA, Vector Software will present on ‘Dynamically Proving That Security Issues Exist’.

While static analysers have given great benefit in processing and automatically checking large swathes of code, they still suffer from a high false-positive rate that leaves security engineers looking for a ‘needle in the haystack’ when identifying the genuine vulnerabilities. Vector Software puts forward that, from a security perspective, approaches based on the ‘synthesis’ of executions leading to specific software issues will become a unique and powerful weapon in the security mitigation arsenal.

Chris Tubbs, Business Development Director, EMEA, for Green Hills Software will also discuss ‘Securing devices throughout the product lifecycle’

The Cyber Security Forum will take place at 14.00 on Wednesday 9th November in Hall A3.242.

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