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CST webinar series explores EM simulation

30th October 2014
Nat Bowers

In the fast moving world of electrical design, EM simulation is now a must rather than a nice-to-have. Electrical engineers are increasingly expected to do more with less, and in less time. Every bit of time-saving knowledge is therefore money well spent. CST's Webinar Series 2014 includes 12 free webinars which provide an insight into EM simulation and techniques to shorten the design cycle and reduce the number of costly prototypes required.

Each of the webinars has both newcomers and advanced users of CST software in mind. Regardless of experience, CST believes that the webinars will be of benefit.

The 2014 Webinar Series covers trending topics such as how to strengthen EMP/lightening protection for critical facilities with EM simulation (a recent hot topic in the media), antennas for automotive applications, simulation-enabled 5G antenna design and the simulation of accelerator components.

Upcoming webinars include:

  • 30th October: Power Delivery Network (PDN) Analysis;
  • 6th November: EMC Simulation in Modern Electronics;
  • 13th November: Efficient Simulation of Optical Devices;
  • 20th November: Modeling a DDR4 Memory Channel;
  • 25th November: Modeling Material Properties;
  • 4th December: Antennas for Automotive Applications; and
  • 11th December: Simulation-Enabled 5G Antenna Design.

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