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CRFS to host SIGINT webinars

7th July 2020
Mick Elliott

A new series of webinars to support and educate those working in the electronic warfare and spectrum monitoring community has been launched by CRFS.

Many people have been unable to attend the usual conferences and seminars this year due to the international reaction to Covid-19.

CRFS has embarked on a campaign to keep these critical conversations going, inform audiences and further enlighten traditional defence and security users to the increasing capability that RF detection, geolocation and management delivers.

After the success of the CRFS Spring webinars which began in March, the Summer Series focuses on key topics such as Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), military spectrum management and counter drone technologies.

Many of the topics will be supported by additional industry leading companies and experts, allowing a deep dive into the topics from varied perspectives.

Uncovering new ways to derive value from RF intelligence will help attendees connect previously disparate elements of information to deliver a more complete intelligence picture.

"These webinars are a fantastic way to engage with our customers and the wider community," commented James Shepperd, VP Marketing at CRFS. "While many people are at home, there is a real appetite for them to broaden their understanding of the RF domain and uncover new ways to derive value from RF data. That's equally true for military, security or regulatory organisations"

The first ‘Summer Series' webinar will be on the 9th of July and will cover I/Q Signal Intelligence - COMINT Capture, Decode and Demodulate, it will be supported by an expert from Decodio (specialists in digital signal processing and signal intelligence).

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