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Collaboration unveils infotainment solution at CES

9th January 2018
Victoria Chercasova

An optimised in-vehicle infotainment multimedia system will be showcased at the CES show in Las Vegas by Cinemo, STMicroelectronics and Valens. The system is empowered by Cinemo’s Distributed Playback in-vehicle media distribution system and enabled by Valens’ HDBaseT Automotive technology running on ST’s automotive Accordo5 infotainment processor and Telemaco3P telematics processor.


Infotainment is a central element of the connected car, and the ability to deliver the in-vehicle experience expected by drivers and passengers is a major differentiator as consumers increasingly demand the best in connected and autonomous vehicle technology. By enabling the simultaneous transmission of high definition video and audio, Ethernet and controls over a single, unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable for up to 15m, Valens’ HDBaseT Automotive technology is simplifying connectivity and guaranteeing performance, despite a challenging EMC environment.

Cinemo’s Distributed Playback is coupled with Valens’ HDBaseT Automotive chipsets and operated by ST’s Accordo5 infotainment and Telemaco3P telematics processors. Accordo5 is a cost optimised processor solution for infotainment, and Telemaco3P is a secure automotive processor for safe internet and WiFi access. HDBaseT Automotive also connects the car’s Smart Antenna to the central unit for processing.

“As our cars become an extension of our connected lives, we must guarantee a superior in-vehicle experience for drivers and passengers, particularly when it comes to infotainment and telematics. HDBaseT Automotive is an enabler of high throughput connectivity, with high performance, low latency and architecture flexibility, all critical elements to the data transmission requirements of connected and autonomous cars,” said Micha Risling, Sr. Vice President, Head of Valens Automotive Business Unit. “Together with ST and Cinemo, we are demonstrating an ultimate in-vehicle infotainment solution, one of the many applications of Valens’ HDBaseT Automotive technology.”

“The requirement for no-compromise safety and security on top of exceptional telematics, infotainment and performance in the car is exactly what drivers and passengers are demanding from vehicle manufacturers today and using the Accordo5 infotainment and Telemaco3P telematics processors with Valens’ HDBaseT connectivity technology and Cinemo’s media distribution system effectively highlights the technology we’re delivering now,” said Fabio Marchio, General Manager, Microcontrollers and Infotainment Division, Automotive and Discrete Product Group, STMicroelectronics.

“Valens’ innovative HDBaseT Automotive technology along with ST’s automotive Accordo5 processor pave the way for the car to become a pivotal part of the digital lifestyle, so we look forward to working together to deliver the absolute in connected infotainment and forward-thinking use cases for mobile device integration with in-car head-unit and RSE systems,” said Elif Ede, VP Sales of Cinemo.

Valens and ST announced their collaboration in the automotive sector in November 2016, to expedite the introduction of HDBaseT Automotive to the market.

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