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Cambridge GaN Devices targets high-power applications at PCIM 2024

12th June 2024
Harry Fowle

At PCIM 2024, Electronic Specifier spoke with Cambridge GaN Devices’ (CGD) Peter Di Maso, VP of Business Development AMER at CGD, at their booth to learn more about CGD’s latest endeavours in the high power GaN space and its vision moving forward.

“Currently we are seeing increase demand for GaN application in these key high-power applications. Data centres, are driving this with huge potential gains in efficiency and size,” explained Di Maso.

To meet this, CGD has launched its lowest ever on-resistance (RDS(on)) parts which have been engineered with a new die and new packages to deliver the benefits of GaN to high-power applications such as data centres, inverters, motor drives and other industrial power supplies. New ICeGaN P2 series ICs feature RDS(on) levels down to 25 mΩ, supporting multi kW power levels with the highest efficiency.

CGD also incorporates an on-chip Miller Clamp to eliminate shoot-through losses during fast switching and implementing 0 V turn off to minimise reverse conduction losses. Additionally, the new packages offer improved thermal resistance performance as low as 0.28 K/W and the dual-gate pinout of the dual side DHDFN-9-1 (Dual Heat-spreader DFN) package facilitates optimal PCB layout and simple paralleling for scalability, enabling customers to address multi kW applications with ease. The new packages have also been engineered to improve productivity, with wettable flanks to simplify optical inspection.

Di Maso also spoke on other areas of high-power application, such as in renewables, particularly photovoltaic, and motor drives. Motor drive advancements with CGD have been enabled through a mutual partnership between the company and Qorvo.

Di Maso added: “These advancements are also laying down the groundwork for our movement in the automotive industry, something we think is key looking forward.”

Not forgetting about low power

CGD remains attuned to GaN’s potential in lower-power devices and maintains this as a part of its future vision. Di Maso was enthusiastic about CGD’s position in enabling a greener tomorrow through wider adoption of GaN when applicable. “By applying this technology to every adapter, for example, we can cut losses by almost half. This would be a monumental achievement,” commented Di Maso. “These goals are made possible through GaNs power density performance, reduced size, as well as its versatility in application and form factor.”

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