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Broadcast infrastructure solutions on display at IBC 2015

18th August 2015
Barney Scott

IZT will attend 2015's International Broadcasting Convention (IBC), Amsterdam, 11th to 15th September. At its booth (Hall 8, A.34), IZT will present its latest solutions for broadcast infrastructures, such as its DAB ContentServer and high-performance test & measurement products, including the S1000 signal generator with expanded DAB support. Further highlights include products from IZT's wideband receiver and satellite channel emulator families.

The IZT DAB ContentServer is a highly reliable professional multiplexer system for efficient and reliable operation of Digital Radio networks. It combines audio encoding, data service management and multiplex generation for Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) – including DAB Classic, DAB+ and DMB. The release 6 adds features to the DAB ContentServer. The enhanced UI and improved warning and error reporting ensure reliable and comfortable usage.

The release also includes previous feature updates which have proven in the field to be essential for redundant, regionalised networks such as extended STI-C and encoder cross-redundancy. In addition to Livewire, the DAB ContentServer now also supports Audio-over-IP on the basis of AES67. As part of its portfolio for digital radio, IZT now also offers the DRM ContentServer, a multiplexer system for short and medium wave digital radio. In addition, the company introduces the IZT MultimediaPlayer which can be used as software-only or custom-tailored server solution for enhanced DAB and DRM signal analysis.

IZT's R3000 receiver family can analyse and demodulate analogue and digital wideband signals. At IBC, IZT will showcase the R3301 digital wideband receiver, the preferred means for recording RF signals in the field. Four TB of storage space can record up to 20MHz bandwidth over twelve hours with 16-Bit resolution. In particular, IZT will demonstrate DAB/DAB+ demodulation and analysis on the R3301. IZT’s post-processing application SignalSuite Data Processor enables detailed analysis of recorded DAB/DAB+ IQ data, including spectrum and modulation parameters as well as content. For an instantaneous bandwidth of 120MHz and a frequency range of up to 18GHz, IZT offers an immensely powerful device, the IZT R4000.

The company's S1000 signal generator platform combines 31 virtual signal generators into one compact, flexible RF test source with support of FM-RDS, DVB-T, HD radio, DAB(+), DMB-Audio, Sirius and XM. The IZT S1000 is a popular testing solution for the development and verification of receiving devices and is for example fully supported in HD radio and XM type approval setups. Just recently, IZT added options to its S1000 offering, expanding DAB support. Now, a real-time DAB/DAB+/DMB modulator is available for the S1000. The modulator supports simultaneous streaming of multiple ensembles, allowing for a direct link between the DAB ContentServer and the S1000 with the EDI protocol.

The powerful impairment features of the S1000 (including multipath fading and time variant profiles) can be applied to the real-time DAB modulator. A further option is the DAB ContentServer Embedded Edition to provide an entry-level solution for DAB receiver testing. It is directly available on the S1000 signal generator Memory Extension. In consequence, it becomes even easier to generate DAB test sequences and to test DAB receivers in real-time with the S1000. While the Embedded Edition of the DAB ContentServer includes basic functionality of the DAB standards family, an upgrade to the full featured DAB ContentServer Developer Edition is possible and can be integrated directly in the S1000 setup.

Based on its well established and reliable components, IZT will present RecPlay – a full-featured RF recording and replay system for high-quality RF signals. IZT RecPlay comprises a setup of the portable monitoring receiver/RF recorder R3301 and the S1000 signal generator and supports use cases such as diversity antenna setups and frame-synchronous recording with multiple antenna channels. The system offers greatly reduced costs for field-testing, repeatable lab tests and fidelity in reproducing real RF environments environment which allows a shorter time to market.

The portfolio presented at IBC will be rounded by the C3040 Satellite Link Simulator. The powerful channel simulator provides 100MHz instantaneous bandwidth and maximal 3GHz input/output frequency. A comprehensive set of uplink, payload and downlink effects allows reproducing a realistic transmission path. For testing the latest terrestrial and satellite links requiring a higher bandwidth, IZT offers the C6000 RF Link Emulator.

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