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Bias tees that operate up to 40GHz on show at IMS2015

15th May 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

At the upcoming International Microwave Symposium (IMS2015), which takes place from 19th to 21st May, TTE Filters will introduce a line of bias tees. The BTHF, BTHC and BTS series have been designed for use in biasing active antennas, amplifiers and laser diodes, and for DC blocking or return in broadband microwave, RF, data communication and ADC/DAC applications. Suitable markets include commercial, industrial, medical, military/defence and test and measurement.

The devices are designed to provide very low insertion loss, minimal return loss, desirable VSWR characteristics and extremely flat gain response over the series-specific frequency ranges. The BTHF, BTHC and BTS series operate across frequency ranges of 10MHz to 40GHz, 500MHz to 4GHz and 10MHz to 18GHz, respectively. The BTHC high current series is specifically designed to handle currents to 7ADC.

All series operate across a temperature range of -55 to +100°C, are matched to 50Ω and measured in a 50Ω test set-up. Most of the series are manufactured with SMA female connectors.

At IMS2015, TTE Filters will be located at booth 717.

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