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Application-specific sensors at SPS IPC Drives

4th November 2015
Nat Bowers


Under the banner of 'Best Sensors', SONTEC Sensorbau will exhibit its current sensor solutions for sophisticated sectors such as the food industry, mechanical engineering and automation at Stand 631 in Hall 4A at SPS IPC Drives.

Conductivity sensor optimises production processes in CIP systems

In sectors in which fluids have to be monitored, the SONTEC conductivity sensor ICS-8 can be implemented.The stainless steel, FDA-conform casing is designed especially for food technology. Thanks to its optimised flow geometry and very fast response time, the sensor is optimally suited to phase separation, product recognition and measuring the concentration of solutions in CIP (Cleaning in Process) systems, in order to differentiate used detergent from rinse and cleaning water during the cleaning process.

Conductivity sensor for cost-effective phase and product monitoring

The SONTEC CPS-7 conductivity sensor is designed to detect phase separation in CIP systems, e.g. exchanging the water for acidic solution or disinfectants, and covers the area in aqueous solutions. It works with the conductive SONTEC measurement procedure within a wide measuring range of 1 to 15,000µS/cm, with response times of under 0.5s. Thus the CPS-7 precisely and reliably takes measurements even with highly viscous or lumpy liquids.

Level switch measures levels in containers and pipes

With the capacitive level switch CAS-8 by SONTEC, liquid levels in containers and pipes are identified exactly. It can be used in liquids with viscosities from runny to pasty for full and empty levels as well as dry run protection. As the sensor is exposed to extreme temperatures and chemical conditions in the part of the food and pharmaceutical systems which is in contact with the product and its tip is constantly in contact with the liquid which has to be measured, SONTEC uses amongst other things a resistant and long-life PEEK material, which is FDA-complaint as well as insensitive to foam and adhesions and can be cleaned easily. High impact-resistance, outstanding tensile, bending and creep properties as well as resistance to all common solvents, acids and alkalis are advantages of the product.

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