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Aiming to set new records – embedded world 2016 preview

9th February 2016
Joe Bush

embedded world, taking place in the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre from 23rd-25th February 2016, will once again be supporting the efficiency and innovative strength of the global embedded industry. The central objectives of the conferences are to provide specifically targeted knowledge, to highlight trends and current themes, to offer a glimpse into the future and to facilitate a dialogue between experts. Electronic Specifier Editor Joe Bush takes a look at what’s on in 2016.

The ‘Internet of Things’ and ‘Security & Safety’ will be the key focus at the show in 2016, and this year’s keynote speaker will be Eugene Kaspersky, CEO Kaspersky Labs. The link between theory and practice will be provided by special presentations on M2M, electronic displays and safety and security within the exhibition itself.

Now in its 14th year, embedded world is once again on course to break all records. “embedded world is developing brilliantly. It is already clear that embedded world is set to be even bigger again in 2016,” said Exhibition Director Benedikt Weyerer.

“The industry is still growing dramatically. For the community, the event is the most important platform for exchanging ideas and obtaining information at a high level - and the two congresses, with their innovative themes, also have a valuable role to play,” emphasised Dr Matthias Sturm, Exhibition Committee and Conference Chair, Steering Board, embedded world conference.

IoT and security in the spotlight

The embedded world conference once again bears the motto ‘We are the Internet of Things’. The development of the IoT requires expertise in the core disciplines of the embedded world such as hardware and software development, systems engineering and management. Secure communication routes are also a crucial factor for the IoT. Kaspersky will underline this in his conference keynote speech. He will also highlight how IT safety aspects are also becoming increasingly relevant in the IoT in the face of the increasing fusion between IT and the embedded world.

For cyber security experts, it is particularly difficult to safeguard systems that were not developed with a view to possible security attacks. Kaspersky treats the work of these experts as a type of alchemy without appropriate scientific methods. He has called for the introduction of development standards that will make software inherently more secure. For this, in his opinion, global cooperation is just as essential as the overcoming of barriers to information exchange through the ‘Balkanisation’ of the industry. After all, cyber security problems are global and can only be solved by applying global experience.

In the rest of the conference programme, the security and safety of embedded systems also play a vital role. Experts from well-known companies will be presenting suitable protection solutions, describing secure transmission channels and showing how security and safety can be specifically integrated into planning and installation at various levels.

Under the heading ‘Internet of Things’, all three conference days will provide answers to the most urgent questions about this second focal point of the conference. Here, the spectrum ranges from open source through the suitability of different communication protocols to best practice examples of particular IoT nodes and applications.

‘Classic’ areas such as systems, software and hardware engineering will also be included and are spotlighted in the conference programme with continuous sessions and a number of classes. Further sessions on embedded operating systems and a ‘management focus’ will round-off the broad range of themes at the embedded world conference 2016.

The areas covered by the embedded world Conference 2016:

  • Security & Safety for embedded systems: Securing IoT Devices, A Holistic Approach to Embedded Security, Functional Safety, Secure Software Development Lifecycle.
  • Internet of Things: Connecting Embedded Devices, Embedded Wireless, IoT Architectures, Gateways, Testing & Solutions.
  • Software & Systems Engineering: Requirements Engineering, Standards & Tools, Architecture & Real Time Aspects, Software Quality, Analysis, Testing & Design, AUTOSAR Beyond Automotive, Ultra Low Power, C/C++ Code - Embedded, Secure & Reliable.
  • Hardware Engineering: Cortex, Multi-core, Designing with SoCs and FPGAs.
  • Embedded OS: Embedded Linux, Android, Eclipse, Introduction to Linux-RTOS, GNU/Linux for Safety-Critical Systems.
  • Management Focus: Agile Methods, New Business Opportunities, Open Source Software in Industrial Products.

The entire programme of presentations for the embedded world conference, with contributions by international experts in 26 sessions and 15 classes, plus presentation abstracts and information about the speakers is now available online at

Electronic displays summarised

Today, the Electronic Displays Conference represents a complete digest of all the relevant information on displays for developers, users and decision makers. “Like the embedded world exhibition and conference, the electronic displays conference has also developed brilliantly. The conference has been growing steadily for years, and it will be bigger than ever for its 30th birthday. We are delighted with the amazing growth of the Electronic Displays Conference. This year, we will once again be offering participants plenty of high quality specialist presentations by international experts.

“The number of first class submissions and the feedback from the industry impressively demonstrate the importance of the congress for the entire display industry. We are looking forward to the next 30 years,” added Dr. Karlheinz Blankenbach, Pforzheim University and Chair of the Congress Committee.

The highlights in 2016 will include keynote presentations on new approaches in display technology and market and display trends, given by internationally recognised experts. Success factors for displays in automotive applications and the latest trends in touchscreens will be among the main themes and highlights of the conference. The programme will be rounded off by sessions on such topics as display measuring equipment, interfaces and display optimisation. The author interviews after each session also provide an opportunity to discuss the presentation in a small group.

Displays are a prominent theme not just in the conference but also in the exhibition itself. The electronic displays Area in hall 1 offers a platform for the latest technology in the areas of LCD, OLED, PDP, LED, ePaper and much more. Around 60 exhibitors will be present with the latest products and systems in the field of electronic displays.

As in past years, there will also be a special highlight for students. The Student Paper Award is a prize awarded for the best degree dissertation or thesis covering the subject of electronic displays.

embedded world 2016 - Who, What, Where Guide
Exhibitors at a glance

AdaCore will be exhibiting a range of software development and verification tools including several that are applicable when safety or security certification is required. The GNAT Pro Ada development environment comprises a full featured toolchain for both native and cross-compilation platforms, with support for RTOSs including Wind River’s VxWorks, SysGo’s PikeOS, and Lynx Software’s LynxOS, as well as bareboard targets.

The CodePeer advanced static analysis tool is an automatic Ada code reviewer and validator that can detect and eliminate errors both during development and retrospectively on existing software. The SPARK Pro verification environment is a toolset based on formal methods and oriented towards high assurance systems. The QGen model-based development tool is a qualifiable and customisable code generator and verifier for Simulink and Stateflow models, intended for safety critical control systems. (Hall 4, Stand 149)

ADLINK Technology will be showcasing a number of highlights from all product sectors at embedded world 2016 - including COM Express - and motherboard highlights featuring 6th generation Intel Core processors; Intelligent Internet of Things and the flexible platform SEMA-Cloud 2.0; insights into ADLINK’s portfolio of Smart Touch Computers (STC) and Industrial Tablets. (Hall 1, Stand 540)

Altera, now part of Intel, will be showing a video analytics demonstration at the Intel stand (Hall 1, Stand 338). Combining video analytics technology with stereo vision technology, this demonstration shows object detection/tracking in a small, low power Altera Cyclone V SoC-based system for smart city applications such as intelligent lighting, traffic monitoring and parking monitoring.

Also, at the MathWorks stand (Hall 4, Stand 110) there will be a demonstration on how you can prototype SoC-based motor controllers with MATLAB, Simulink and the Altera Drive-on-a-Chip reference design. (Hall 5, Stand 280)

Analog Devices will introduce its latest mixed signal ‘Dual Independent Core’ control processor family, designed for next-gen high speed switching, solar PV inverters and electrical storage systems.

ADI will also present demonstrations on instrumentation and high speed, Industrial IoT, healthcare electronics, motor and power control and renewable energy technologies. (Hall 5, Stand 328)

Atollic will demonstrate its TrueSTUDIO C/C++ IDE for ARM Cortex development. The free TrueSTUDIO Lite provides edit/compile/debug functionalities with unlimited code size, and offers an optional upgrade path to a supported Pro version for developers who want advanced debugging and code analysis tools.

TrueSTUDIO Pro adds features for source code reviews and static code analysis, including a MISRA-C checker and code complexity analysis, aiding improved software quality. The Pro version also adds advanced debug capabilities, including run-time error analysis, live variable watch, event/data/instruction tracing, and kernel aware RTOS debugging.

Both TrueSTUDIO Lite and Pro have collaboration features - with built-in clients for popular version control systems like GIT and Subversion, as well as bug database systems like Trac and Bugzilla. (Hall 4, Stand 108)

German Mixed Signal ASIC specialist Creative Chips will be represented for the first time at embedded world. The main presentation focus will be the topic, ‘Industrial application specific complete systems on a CMOS chip’.

The company offers solutions for sensor applications in industrial automation systems including different embedded microcontrollers ranging from openMSP430 to Cortex MX-cores, different memory options and I/O cells, different embedded sensors and dedicated analogue and digital IP. As of last year Creative Chips is an official ‘ARM Connected Partner’. (Hall 4A, Stand 348)

Digi-Key Electronics will be discussing with attendees how the company’s business model and updated design tools can help engineers with their design process. Digi-Key’s booth will have representatives present to show attendees how various products can be used in their own developments. Also to be discussed is how Digi-Key offers a head-start with its value added services as well as programming examples, free source code or technical support. (Hall 4A, Stand 631)

Exar’s array of products, from front end sensor interfaces through connectivity bridges and power solutions, to drivers for LED lighting, will be on show. This includes the company’s XR10910 Sensor Interface which offers an onboard 16:1 differential multi-plexer, offset correction DAC, programmable gain instrumentation amplifier and voltage reference; the Exar XR22804 - a family of USB to Ethernet Bridge ICs; the XR76203/05/08 Synchronous Step-Down Constant on-Time Regulators, XR79203/06 High Current Power Modules and XR77129 Single-Chip 40V Programmable PMIC; and the company’s patented AC step driving ICs that provide solutions for the LED downlight fixtures used in high bay and custom lighting applications. (Hall 5, Stand 422)

In order to support its FT51A microcontroller unit (MCU), which is now in full production, FTDI Chip has introduced an array of board levels products. The processing core of the FT51A MCU executes an 8051 feature set (capable of running at 48MHz). Along with this, it possesses a wide array of interfaces - including USB client, UART, SPI, I2C, 245 FIFO, PWM and GPIO options.

The objective of the FT51A-EVM evaluation module is to furnish engineers with a multitude of different functions through which they can get a better understanding of the FT51A MCU’s application parameters - in particular its suitability for multi-sensor circuits. (Hall 4A, Stand 326)

IoTize from Keolabs helps eliminate costs and risks by providing configurable solutions encompassing IoT connectivity, networking and security. Using a patented co-processor and debug, serial or Modbus connections, IoTize renders machine connectivity via NFC, BLE and Wi-Fi virtually plug-and-play and transparent to the ‘iotized’ product. This means that making changing technologies (for example from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi) is much easier.

IoTize provides a secure infrastructure that reduces smartphone app development to just editing HTML and CSS. With IoTize and the new IoTize Development Kits, smartphones become your gateway to the Cloud after just a few minutes of configuration and some light HTML editing. (Hall 4, Stand 103)

The MicroRNAs (miRNAs) which can be seen at the Keysight Technologies stand are small non-coding RNAs that regulate the activity of specific mRNA targets that are suitable for a variety of biological processes, including gene expression, development, proliferation, differentiation and apoptosis. Implicated in human diseases, miRNA expression signatures are an emerging class of molecular biomarkers. (Hall 4, Stand 208)

Along with displays of its NI System on Module (SOM) and Single-board RIO, National Instruments will be discussing its 2016 Trend Watch which examines a range of topics focused on the IoT and its impact on how we manage data - from the consumerisation of software to prototyping 5G to make it a reality. (Hall 1, Stand 652) (Hall 4, Stand 450)

PEAK-System will introduce two highlights at once on its exhibition stand - the handheld PCAN-Diag FD and the professional Windows software PCAN-Explorer 6. The PCAN-Diag FD allows the diagnosis of CAN 2.0 and CAN FD messages of a CAN bus on physical and protocol level. The PCAN-Explorer 6 appears in a new look and supports CAN-FD, so the monitoring, analysis and simulation of CAN buses succeed more easily.

In addition to these highlights, the two-channel PCAN-Router FD and the brand new CAN-FD adapters, the two-channel plug-in card PCAN-PCI-Express FD and the six-channel CAN bus station PCAN-USB X6 complete the line-up at the exhibition. (Hall 1, Stand 620)

The latest version of PicoScope includes new and improved serial protocol decoders. In addition to popular standards such as CAN, LIN, SPI, I2C and UART/RS-232 the new release adds 1-Wire, 10- and 100-BaseT Ethernet, DMX512 (lighting systems control), DCC protocol (Digital Command & Control) and SENT (Single Ended Nibble Transmission). SENT is a point-to-point protocol that is popular for transmission of high resolution sensor data in automotive applications.

Measurement of frequency change over time is an often needed, but difficult measurement to make. PicoScope can capture millions of waveform cycles and plot frequency of every cycle against time. Measurement of frequency against time is extremely useful for measurement and validation of clock stability and characterisation of phase lock loop performance - examples of ‘Big waveform data analysis’ that are needed to verify performance of modern embedded electronic systems. (Hall 4, Stand 423)

Visitors to PRQA’s stand will be able to take a tour of the company’s solution suite which includes application security, software governance and compliance, multi-language support, enhanced data flow and multi-threading capabilities. On the 24th February, Dr Frank van den Beuken will also be giving a talk on ‘Safety and security, the future for assisted and autonomous driving’. (Hall 4, Stand 138)

Recom’s latest converter series RK/H6 and RH/H6 will be on show at embedded world. The range is suitable for a variety of low power applications in industrial electronics, measuring technology and sensor systems where high isolation voltage is particularly important.

Both converter series are rated for 1W and offer up to 6.4kV DC/1s isolation between the input and output. Both models are available for input voltages of 5V DC, 12V DC, 15V DC and 24V DC and supply 3.3V DC, 5V DC, 12V DC and 15V DC (RK series) or ±3.3V DC, ±5V DC, ±12V DC and ±15V DC (RH series) at the outputs. They have an efficiency of up to 80%, are permanently short circuit-proof and can be operated without a minimum load. (Hall 5, Stand 239)

Renesas Electronics will highlight its new developments for the Renesas Synergy Platform, including the commercial release of the Renesas Synergy Software Package (SSP) version 1.0.0, mass production availability of the S7G2 Renesas Synergy Microcontrollers (MCUs), and availability of the first Verified Software Add-on (VSA) software from VSA Program partners.

The Renesas Synergy Platform is a qualified platform for the development of embedded and IoT applications. (Hall 4, Stand 173)

Rohde & Schwarz will showcase its expanding oscilloscope portfolio. Visitors to the show can get a first hand look at the new R&S Scope Rider, a handheld oscilloscope to offer the functionality and user experience of a state of the art lab oscilloscope.

Additional trade show highlights include the new entry level R&S HMO1202 mixed signal oscilloscope. The R&S RTM, R&S RTE and R&S RTO oscilloscope families and accessories will also be represented. (Hall 4, Stand 218)

Silicon Labs will showcase the next wave of processing, sensing and connectivity innovations for the Internet of Things (IoT). The company will demonstrate multi-node Thread and ZigBee mesh networks, Bluetooth Smart sensors and cloud connectivity, Wi-Fi modules, multi-protocol wireless SoCs, high accuracy optical and environmental sensors, energy friendly microcontrollers (MCUs) and connected home development platforms.

“The IoT is all about connectivity, and 2016 will be a breakout year for Thread networking, Bluetooth beaconing, multi-mode wireless SoCs and wireless biometric sensing,” said Michele Grieshaber, Chief Marketing Officer for Silicon Labs. (Hall 4A, Stand 128)

Swissbit AG will be exhibiting a number of new products at embedded world that address the needs of industrial, automotive and networking/communications applications. Items highlighted will include SD and microSD cards, embedded USB modules and solid state drives (SSD). The event will also signify the first appearance of Swissbit’s durabit range, which delivers a combination of performance and endurance in MLC NAND flash-based memory and storage products.

The S-450 and S-450u Series SD and Micro SD memory cards will also be on show. Swissbit has added the durabit S-45 and S-45u SD memory cards for cost sensitive applications that still require high reliability.

X-60m, X-60s, X-60m.2 and F-60 SSDs from the durabit range will also be featured. The SSDs in mSATA, SATA Slim, CFast and m.2 form factors achieves sequential read/write speeds of up to 520MB/s and 405MB/s respectively.

Also on display will be the newly introduced U-400 series embedded USB module (eUSB flash module). The U-400 has been designed to achieve maximum data retention, power fail safety, lifetime monitoring and endurance while still maintaining compatibility with existing applications. Key to this endurance is the utilisation of the latest generation SLC flash with an advanced USB controller. On top of this, sophisticated firmware routines eliminate read disturb effects that are common in applications that are mainly reading data over a long lifetime. (Hall 1, Stand 534)

Tektronix will be showcasing a range of test and measurement solutions. The Tektronix stand will feature a number of dedicated application solution workstations, including IoT, Embedded Design, Power Supply Testing, Mixed Domain Debug/Analysis, and compliance testing. (Hall 4, Stand 639)

Texas Instruments will be ‘Engineering the World’ at embedded world 2016, showcasing industrial and automotive applications, as well as solutions for the IoT, microprocessors, power, processors and sensing applications. The company will also be demonstrating the Industry 4.0 Gateway (Sitara AM57x) and the MSP430FR2633 - CapTIvate. (Hall 5, Stand 385)

Toshiba will showcase its line of 8-, 16- and 32-bit complex instruction set computer (CISC) microcontrollers. Toshiba microcontrollers are part of a total Microcontroller System Solution, supported by technical professionals ready to answer design questions, provide application support and even modify existing devices to meet growing application needs.

In addition, to help provide fast, reliable mobile data storage in a small package, the Toshiba EXCERIA microSD range will also be on show. (Hall 5, Stand 268)

Through a series of five conference papers and in-booth demonstrations, Xilinx and its Alliance Members will highlight how all programmable FPGAs and SoCs are enabling integrated and cost optimised solutions in a broad set of applications including ADAS, Industrial IoT, cyber security and medical imaging etc. (Hall 1, Stand 205)

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