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Advanced Engineering 2014 explores automotive electronics

3rd November 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

Following research which found that up to 50% of a vehicle’s value is held within the electronic functionality it offers, organisers of Advanced Engineering 2014 decided to focus on the automotive electronics supply chain at the Automotive Engineering show. Those who attend the Advanced Engineering event, which takes place from 11th to 12th November at the NEC, Birmingham, will have access to the two-day ‘Auto Electronics’ exhibitor showcase.

Experts in the industry will present on body and chassis electronics, powertrain and engine management, safety, security and driver assistance electronics, vehicle instrumentation and displays, infotainment and telematics, electric/hybrid drive electronics, power electronics and vehicle system networks.

Many manufacturers provide a number of vehicle technolgies, therefore, automotive electronics will be on display at both the 'Auto Electronics' exhibitor showcase and the Automotive Engineering show. Using the events online key word search function, attendees can locate specific technologies.

Companies presenting at the event include Phaedrus Systems, Spirent Communications, MIRA, Hamamatsu Photonics, DELO Industrial Adhesives, PRQA, CIT Technology, Lyra Electronics, Bentley Motors, Tata Motors and AVL Powertrain UK. 

“Electronic features are one of the most important differentiators that consumers are highlighting as the choice markers between brands,” Ian Stone, Organiser, Automotive Engineering, Advanced Engineering 2014. “The automotive industry has never seen electronics play such a key role as it does today. This role has grown exponentially, particularly over the past five or six years, where the connected digital society has created a paradigm shift that the automotive electronics industry has responded to.”

Stone added: “This cluster of specialisation is intentionally separate from the material and structural mechanical disciplines that are the mainstay of the Automotive Engineering show. It provides a focused agenda, so the electronics community is empowered in their participation of the event with more specific programme presentations and features for suppliers and end users that are very interested in this technology.”

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