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Adlink highlights products set for introduction at embedded World

23rd January 2014
Staff Reporter

At the embedded World Show 2014 in booth 1/1-538, Adlink will be presenting a number of different products including SEMA-cloud, 5 new COM’s with Intel E3800 series and intelligent systems amongst others.

The following are highlights of the products which Adlink will showcase at embedded World 2014:

SEMA-cloud, an IoT based board management solution

SEMA cloud is a platform independent solution, supportint x86 and ARM processors, to allow remote access to all SEMA data and control functions. This enables location independent monitoring, notification and remote controlling. ADLINK will demonstrate the SEMA-cloud on multiple platforms during the Embedded World 2014.

Five new COM’s with Intel E3800 series (formerly Bay Trail)

5 computer on modules, based on the Intel ATOM E3800 series (formerly known as Bay Trail), will be introduced by Adlink. The COM Express modules are available as compact size with Type 6 as well as with legacy supporting Type 2 pinout, (cExpress-BT, cExpress-BT2). The standard SMARC modules will have two implementations, one with full size (82mm x 80mm) and short size (82mm x 50mm). Further to this, the modules will also feature the same processor choices (single, dual and quad core), and different DRAM options – including ECC. Both modules will feature HMDI and LVDS interfaces, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 as well as 12 GPIO. The fifth module based on the E3800 processor is using the existing Qseven format, for users that already have an existing carrier board.

First SMARC Module with Intel Quark SoC X1000

The module in the SMARC short format (82mm x 50mm) is the first Intel based module with a power consumption of 2-3W, an area typically covered by ARM based SoC. The module will feature the Intel Quark SoX X1000 with 400 MHZz, 2GB of onboard DDR3 memory, 2 PCIe Gen2 lanes, Ethernet, USB 2 host and device functions as well as other I/O interfaces. The modules will support WindRiver Linux 5 and VxWorks operating systems. To address the needs of embedded applications the module will be available in standard and extended temperature versions. (Product name LEC-X1000).

Intelligent Systems based on Intel Atom E3800 Core and XEON Processor

Adlink's embedded computer portfolio, specialized for industrial automation, will be expanded by several new products. Amongst the new additions are the expandable fanless embedded system MATRIX - MXE23000 with Intel ATOM E3800 processor, as well as the MATRIX - MXE5400 series with a fanless rugged system using the 4th generation Intel ATOM processor (formerly Haswell). A 4U server grade extended server with dual XEON E5 processors with up to 4 PCIe x16 Gen3 expansion slots, 128GB DRAM w/ECC, multiple drive bays and redundant power supply options will also be introduced.

Workload Consolidation for Industrial Automation

With the introduction of Intel’s Workload Consoldation Platform, a hardware and software combination is available to ensure rapid development and deployment. ADLINK will showcase such solutions using the MATRIX MXE5400 platform. In addition Intel has chosen ADLINK as the hardware supplier for the development platforms.




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