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A range of technologies on show at PCIM Europe 2016

20th April 2016
Joe Bush

The PCIM Europe 2016 exhibition taking place in Nuremburg in May, will see Panasonic introduce a range of technologies, from the new X-GaN gate driver, the LDPGS thermal management solution, new power choke coils in 12x12 case size for high current automotive applications, as well as the latest capacitors and resistors for high power applications.

Stand 429 in Hall 6 will see the company highlight passive components, semiconductors and thermal management solutions that provide increased efficiency and reliability for a range of applications.

As GaN moves from an innovative technology to mainstream production, Panasonic will be exhibiting real and exciting applications that harness the power of its gallium nitride power transistors. The newly released X-GaN gate driver optimised for high frequency switching, unlocks the full performance of the X-GaN transistor (above) while keeping design efforts to a minimum.

A fine control is possible (0.5% ~99.5% @ 50kHz). It benefits from built-in precise current source optimised for GiT transistors and built-in negative voltage source. The company will also show some GaN application examples, GaN-based compact power supply units and a GaN-based inverter for motors. Also a GaN evaluation environment, GaN power devices, power modules (GaN and SiC based), as well as a bidirectional AC/DC converter for power storage systems (SiC application example) will feature on the stand.

In addition, Panasonic will present its prototype of assist robots that applies X-GaN technologies at PCIM for the first time in Europe, to showcase one of its applications. Power assist is well suited for industrial use have been developed by Activelink, one of Panasonic's in-house venture companies. Panasonic has applied inverter technologies of X-GaN to ActiveLink’s assist suit, equipped with motors that assist human body mechanics.

Panasonic will also showcase LDPGS - the next step for the Pyrolytic Highly Oriented Graphite Sheet (PGS) portfolio (right) which is the thinnest thermal solution in the world with an industry leading thermal conductivity of up to 1,950W/m K which is five times higher than common materials like copper. LDPGS (Low Density Pyrolytic Graphite Sheet) has been developed for thermal interface material (TIM) and features low thermal resistance, easy handling and enables highest system reliability.

Through its flexibility and ability to be cut in any shape, it allows new solutions for thermal management challenges where space and weight restrictions are critical and conventional solutions like grease are not feasible. LDPGS graphite sheet consists of a 2D carbon matrix with a thickness of only 200µm, which effectively disperses and transfers heat along Z direction, protecting sensitive electronics like server units, IGBT modules or common inventors from damage.

In order to cover the market demand and application requirements, Panasonic has also developed a new power choke coil technology (high power SMD in 12 x 12 case size ETQP8MxxxJFA) (left). Based on metal powder, the Panasonic High Power SMD is suitable for high ripple current applications (e.g. engine system, start and stop systems, steering etc). Panasonic High Power SMD is suitable as a replacement for rod core coil, but also for downsizing. Instead of using 13 x 13, 15 x 15 or 17 x 17 case size, Panasonic can offer its High power SMD in 12 x 12 case size with the same or better electrical characteristics. Therefore, this will lead also to reducing the size of the component and reduce the space on the PCB. With its low DCR characteristics, low power dissipation can be achieved with Panasonic High Power SMD.

Further passive components from Panasonic on display at PCIM Europe 2016 will include a wide variety of the company’s latest capacitors and resistors. Featured resistors will include current sensing resistors which are designed for low resistance to minimise power consumption. Panasonic offers a range of components in many different case sizes (0402 to 2512) and many resistance values. The metal plate technology (ERJM series) and special constructions makes the parts suitable for harsh environments. The double-sided resistor element technology (ERJxBW series) and wide terminal technology (ERJA, ERJB series) is well suited for high power applications. The company’s current sensing resistors correspond to AEC-Q200 and therefore, are well suited for all different kinds of automotive applications. Further technical details include a large power dissipation capability, soft termination to reduce the risk of solder joint cracking, high ESD resistance and high pulse resistance.

Featured capacitors will include Panasonic’s industry leading range of film capacitors and hybrid capacitors. The high reliability and high performance of the film capacitors facilitates the design of custom made modules that enable safe and robust designs for DC link operation. The two lines of hybrid capacitors mark a mixture of solid polymer and liquid electrolyte which allows high ripple current in very small sized capacitors. Stable characteristics over the whole frequency range and low ESR even at low temperatures support high power applications.

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