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3D AOI, SPI & AXI inspection at Nepcon South China 2014

30th July 2014
Staff Reporter

In Booth A-1C36 at Nepcon South China 2014, Viscom will present what they claim to be is the most advanced and comprehensive SPI, AOI and X-ray portfolio on the market. Amongst the portfolio on display will be the S3088 AOI/SPI systems and the 3D AOI XM camera module.

The S3088 AOI and SPI systems are designed to handle both small series and high-volume/low-mix production. The new XM-3D camera module allows for fast inspections, with both high-resolution angled views and 3D analyses. All FastFlow transport optimises throughput and shortens cycle times.

3D AOI XM camera module – high-speed 3D inspection

Current requirements in electronics manufacturing demand not only the inspection of the object as a whole, but each individual point of the object must be reliably detected also. The XM module fulfils this demand with the inclusion of a structured light projector to the existing orthogonal and angular cameras, totaling over 60 Megapixels. With an image acquisition rate of up to 1.8 gigapixels/second, the new XM module is extremely fast, and fully upgradeable for 3D.

Fastflow – new high-speed handling 

Due to synchronous input/output of electronic assemblies, the company's transport facilitates are trouble-free and deploy fast changeovers in as little as two seconds. Even extreme cycle time requirements can be fulfilled effortlessly.

Quality Uplink – efficient process control

In SMT electronic assembly production, the key task is detecting unacceptable paste deposits in terms of volume, form, smearing and offset. In addition to providing defect detection, the Viscom 3D SPI can accomplish much more. The SPI-AOI-Uplink function links paste inspection and post-reflow inspection results for both easy and effective process control as well as improved classification of AOI results.


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