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Engineer Ambitiously is new-look NI's clarion call

16th June 2020
Mick Elliott

A new brand, a new logo and a call to engineers who are standing tall in these uncertain time to stand taller. Unveiled today is NI, formerly National Instruments, and a new approach to the test and measurement market dubbed “Engineer Ambitiously”.


The basics? Well NI signifies a global company, National Instruments can sound parochial and these days NI does a lot more than produce instruments.

Engineering Ambitiously is about encouraging engineers to be bolder, with the backing of NI’s resolution to also be bolder.

As Shelley Greitlein, Vice President of Global Marketing, NI (pictured) indicates this mandate applies to all projects big and small, from helping companies develop complex electronics that send satellites into deep space to designing a sensor which makes a ventilator more efficient.

The bold approach will see NI contribute more software-based products that encompass data analytics and machine learning. Getting data out faster aids engineers.

“Engineers are pressed to shorten development time to meet tighter time to market targets,” remarks Greitlein.

To bolster this approach earlier this month NI acquired Optimal Plus, its biggest acquisition in its 40-year history.

“It is a data analytics company which specialises in the automaotive, transportation and semiconductor industries,” explains Greitlein.

The acquisition expands NI’s enterprise software capabilities to provide customers with business-critical insights through advanced product analytics across their product development flow and supply chain.

To spread the Engineer Ambitiously message, NI will “Be bold, be kind, be connectors,” says Greitlein.

Being bold means shaping the future for all, not just, NI and not just its customers, but communities and the planet.

“Be kind,” is as Shelley Greitlein explains, “not being nice.”

It’s about the NI team having constructive approach to helping customers solve problems. It’s about being frank with a customer and not being acquiescent.

Be connectors emphasises a collaborative, we’re in this together methodology to produce the best ideas and solutions.

From July 1 NI will launch its Next 100 campaign. Every week it will tell a new story through a mix of channels – videos, social media, editorial highlighting innovation. Stories will encompass customer innovations, celebrate minority engineers, contributions to the fight against COVID-19 – “how engineers made a difference,” explains Greitlein, “and inspiring a new generation of engineers.”

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