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Driving underwater exploration for the toughest aquatic missions

15th November 2023
Paige West

Vicor Corporation recently engaged in a discussion with VideoRay, a key manufacturer of underwater remote operated vehicles (ROVs), on the Vicor Powering Innovation Podcast.

The podcast delves into the burgeoning use of ROVs for safely accessing distant underwater areas at significant depths for prolonged periods. VideoRay, experiencing a surge in demand, highlights its modular approach in adapting and customising ROVs to suit specific missions.

Based in Pennsylvania, VideoRay develops ROVs incorporating the latest technological advancements and sophisticated power delivery networks using high-density power modules. ROVs are increasingly recognised as the safest and most efficient method for various underwater activities including maintaining security, aiding salvage operations, and exploring oceanic depths. VideoRay's software and submersibles are designed for hazardous environments, offering ease of use, portability, versatility, and reliability. The podcast also covers the diverse underwater missions undertaken by VideoRay, such as search and rescue, infrastructure inspections, recovery operations, and scientific research.

The Vicor Powering Innovation podcast is accessible for download from Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Podcasts. It offers listeners insights into the most challenging power issues of today, innovative approaches to electrification, inventive power architectures, and real-world power design challenges.

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