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Direct Insight, MicroSys agree UK/Ireland partnership

20th February 2024
Mick Elliott

Direct Insight, the UK-based technical systems integrator and reseller of system-on-module (SoM) and other embedded systems, has announced a partnership with German system-on-module (SoM) and Single Board Computer (SBC) maker, MicroSys Electronics to cover the UK and Ireland market.

Commented David Pashley, CEO of Direct Insight: “MicroSys sees itself as a system provider; its focus is to help OEMs realize their product designs. We are excited to offer our customers the MicroSys miriac® MPX module technology, which offers all the advantages of SoM-based designs, such as application-ready core technology, faster time-to-market, high design reliability, lower NRE costs, and better-priced carrier boards thanks to less layers.”

miriac application-ready SoMs are based on NXP® S32G and Layerscape processor technology. They support all processor-integrated features with a comprehensive, perfectly-matching, functionally-validated solution.

Added Pashley: “With support for NXP’s S32G processor family, MicroSys shares our growing focus on automotive, and on safety-certified development, including ISO 26262 and IEC61508.

Ina Schindler, Managing Director at MicroSys said: “Direct Insight is the perfect partner for MicroSys. We need technically-competent, application-focused design channels which are capable of supporting customers’ complex and evolving requirements. Direct Insight has over 20 years experience supporting markets in the UK, Ireland and further afield. We are delighted to be working together.”

Both companies offer customers the same product design-in experience and both have NXP Semiconductor processors at the heart of their boards.

“NXP focuses on general purpose and specialised embedded processors. With MicroSys we can extend our reach into other NXP processor families, including the ST32G and Layerscape which are becoming increasingly relevant in many applications,” said David Pashley, CEO of Direct Insight.

Added Ina Schindler, “NXP is important because of the long life cycle of its processors. That is important for our customers in the industrial market.”

“Our approach is to use NXP processors on the system-on-module, and plug it into our carrier board,” she continued. “We have a development kit, and this enables customers to start the design straight away. We supply Linux software, and we can provide a customised carrier board or a complete customised system.”

Pashley sees Direct Insight and MicroSys playing an increasingly important role due to the rising complexity of embedded designs.

“Only a minority of designs are undertaken in-house now,” he says. “There aren’t enough engineers with the expertise. And the NRE can only be justified if the product is manufactured in volumes of tens of thousands. We can supply ready-made platforms, with software, firmware and SoM operating system. It saves customers time and money, because we start from a point where the product is applications ready, and we aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel.”

We can handle volumes up to 10,000 pieces a year,” remarks Ina Schindler. “It depends on the complexity of the product. NXP serves the tier one customers, so we handle the smaller quantities, and then be open to customers’ requirements.”

Direct Insight will be bringing MicroSys’s miriac application-ready SoMs that are based on NXP S32G and Layerscape processor technology. They support all processor-integrated features with a comprehensive, perfectly-matching, functionally-validated solution.



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