Arm Mbed series stars the u blox ODIN W2 module

27th November 2017
Anna Flockett

It takes a lot to make IoT applications run smoothly and securely. A lot goes into this process, from designing the hardware to ensuring robust connectivity, security, privacy, and data collection, the success of a prototype or of an end product hinges on cleanly clearing all of these hurdles. Sound daunting? It can be.

Arm Mbed IoT Device Platform has developed a solution ecosystem that aims to lower the barriers to entry by providing everything you need to develop IoT devices and applications, helping you design, build, and deploy your cloud‑connected device. More than 270,000 enthusiastic developers have already joined their community.

This USA event was the first of a series of global workshops that will also be held in China and Japan. Members of the Mbed developer community will get a chance to receive hands‑on training using the Mbed platform, empowering them to make their own devices for the IoT. The workshop is built around a bespoke limited‑edition Mbed Connect Cloud Board featuring the u‑blox ODIN W2 multiradio IoT gateway module.

“At our Arm Mbed Connect workshops, we aim to give developers the opportunity to experience invaluable training directly from our experts, network with other skilled developers, and meet people from across the Mbed ecosystem,” said Chris Styles, senior applications engineering manager, Internet of Things Services Group, Arm. “Not only do participants get a chance to build a real use‑case of an IoT solution, they can also experience firsthand how Mbed simplifies the development of scalable IoT solutions.”

The USA workshop took place on 24th October at Arm TechCon in Santa Clara, California. At the workshop participants built a full end‑to‑end IoT solution using Mbed OS, received training in programming and debugging Arm microcontrollers using the Mbed toolchain, and learned to visualise data with an IoT application. In addition, they were introduced to Mbed Cloud and progressed to building new firmware images and managing secure updates over the air.

Two remaining workshops will take place in Shanghai, China and Tokyo, Japan in 2017. Some variations of workshop content will be made based on location. At all events, participants will gain access to the headlining keynotes to get valuable insights from leaders in the industry.

For the hands‑on part of the workshops, participants worked with the Mbed Connect Cloud board, which formed the backbone of their IoT applications. They had the opportunity to connect their devices to the Mbed Cloud using the u‑blox ODIN‑W2 WiFi module. The high value of the ODIN‑W2 module and Mbed Enabled for Mbed OS 5 are why Arm decided to base the workshop around the module’s WiFi connectivity.

“Back in 2015, we partnered with Arm Mbed to offer developers a way to use u‑blox modules in hostless IoT applications without having to develop or integrate the required communication stacks themselves,” said Erik Carlberg, Senior Product Manager, Product Centre Short Range Radio at u‑blox. “While this was initially restricted to our ODIN‑W2 module, today a growing number of our communications modules offer Arm Mbed support.”

The last Mbed Connect Tokyo event is taking place at Arm Tech Symposia on 8th December, Tokyo, Japan.

Blog Courtesy of u-blox.

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