AdoptSMT previews SMT Hybrid Packaging portfolio

1st April 2016
Jordan Mulcare

Ahead of SMT Hybrid Packaging 2016 (26 to 28th April 2016), Erhard Hofmann, MD AdoptSMT, explains what the company is showcasing in Nuremberg. The company’s promise: “We keep your production running” is strengthened with investments for customer support and new introductions for industrial identification, PCB assembly and hand soldering.

Q: Was 2015 a good year for AdoptSMT?

Yes! There was strong growth in the identification and masking segment. In 2015, AdoptSMT doubled its sales of identification labels and masking labels. To continue this growth, and provide even better support for customers AdoptSMT has hired Michael Rosenwirth for the new position of Product Manager Identification.

Michael will be at SMT 2016 for the first time as an AdoptSMT employee. He has 25 years’ experience in the ID industry and will be available to help interested customers visiting the booth (Hall 7, Stand No. 7-100).

Q: What are the AdoptSMT strengths in the field of industrial identification?

The combination of Hover-Davis label feeders and Nortec high temperature labels for auto apply will remain to be the strongest AdoptSMT offering in the field of industrial identification.

Hover-Davis label feeders are available for the most popular pick and place machines on the market. They eliminate the need to invest in a labelling machine or a laser marking machine; the existing pick and place machine can place labels presented by the label feeder like a standard SMT component.

In addition, the 25 years’ of experience of the new product manager, is helping AdoptSMT to consult on the different options to print labels. Customers can purchase ready-printed labels or get support to set up their own print center. This can include printer, labels, ribbons, label software as well as validation and verification systems like these are used to print the ready printed labels.

AdoptSMT is also offering complete solutions for the production of name plates / type labels. Selecting the right materials and printing with thermal transfer ensures the durability of the label including the print. AdoptSMT can supply printing systems to be installed at the customer’s premises. We also supply blank or partially printed labels with ribbons, as well as ready-printed labels.

Q: Can the Hover-Davis label feeder also feed masking material for the wave solder or conformal coating process?

The Hover-Davis label feeder can also present masking dots and masking labels of different shapes. These can be placed automatically just like identification labels. In addition AdoptSMT also supplies heat resistant Polyimid masking dots and masking tapes for manual masking of edge connectors, terminals or other areas on PCBs which should not be in contact with the hot solder wave. The dots and tapes can be removed after soldering without leaving behind any residues. AdoptSMT can supply many sizes from stock and believes it offers the best prices on the market.

Q: Many projects include irregular shaped components. How can AdoptSMT help with these?

AdoptSMT also supplies special Nortec Polyimid labels. These are attached to the top of irregular shaped components so that they can be picked automatically. These placement aids can be removed after soldering without leaving residues on the components. Nortec placement aids are used in SMT assembly departments, at tape and reel service providers and at manufacturers of sensors.

Q: Are there any developments for component loading?

Visit our stand at SMT 2016 to see the new adaption of Hover-Davis SA SSF feeders for automation. They can be easily integrated with product-specific machines, via a communications interface and stable base plate. As a result, all of the advantages of SSF feeders are now available with an easy protocol.

Q: Cost is important; is there a cost-effective feeder for different packages and automation platforms?

The Hover-Davis Direct Die feeder (DDf) Innova can lower overall capital investment and reduce assembly costs. DDf technology realises significant savings by combining separate, dedicated production lines for SMT, bare die and flip chip into one line. Further costs can be saved as it enables total assembly solutions with much higher speed and flexibility, resulting in lower cost per placement. Savings are also made with the elimination of costly, non-value added processes, such as intermediate die transfer into pocketed tape, surf tape, or waffle packs prior to placement.

The Hover-Davis DDf Innova is theonly Wafer feeder available for different SMT placement systems and custom automation platforms. Single wafers are vertically loaded into the feeder, positioned automatically and then precisely located by a vision system. The DDf Innova may use either ink dot recognition or wafer mapping to ensure that only good die are extracted from the wafer frame.

Q: Has AdoptSMT developed any nozzle products recently?

At SMT 2016, there is the nozzle magazine for SIPLACE 7xx/9xx nozzles.

These introductions reflect the continuous improvement in spare parts support. The new nozzle magazine is completely produced of metal parts – ensuring all parts are durable. The nozzles sit in round holes in the non-moving top plate and are held in position by robust springs.

Q: What other new products will be at SMT 16?

AdoptSMT is showing Count On Tool’s latest model in its award-winning StripFeeder line, the StripFeeder Lightweight. It is for use in OEM automated tray towers.

Stripfeeders are especially used for assembling samples or small batches. Often only strips of SMT tapes are available and these are too short for standard tape feeders.

Other offerings in the award-winning range are the StripFeeder.mod, which can present a few different components and is the size of a JEDEC tray. The is half the size of a JEDEC tray and can be used when more components need to be presented, or where the pick and place machine does not have room for a JEDEC tray.

Q: Are there also established products, ones for which AdoptSMT is renowned, to see?

There are two introductions of particular note. Firstly, following internal qualification and customer feedback, AdoptSMT is presenting the premium range of flexible squeegee blades, compatible to DEK and Ekra squeegee holders. The flexible material and the high quality nickel coating make the blades very robust and result in less stencil abrasion and more uniform print results.

Secondly, AdoptSMT continues to distribute the complete product portfolio of Thermaltronics soldering stations, soldering and de-soldering cartridges. Pre-heaters have been added to the range of Thermaltronics solder stations, based on Curie Heat Technology. The stations respond to the thermal demands of each solder joint by adjusting the power instantaneously, to meet the exact requirements of the substrate component and solder material.

Like the range of solder stations and cartridges, the Thermaltronics pre heaters are offered at very attractive prices.

Q: Is there anything else to look out for at the AdoptSMT stand at SMT2016?

The soldering segment is complemented by products from JBC (high quality soldering systems), including solder tip cleaners; Purex (fume extraction systems); Plato (solder tips); Indium Corporation (soldering materials supplied in Austria and Switzerland) and cleaning sprays and desoldering braids from Techspray. AdoptSMT is showing the Purex iFume extraction system with intuitive touch screen user interaction.

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