StenTech wins Technology Award for advanced nano coating stencils

15th November 2023
Paige West

StenTech Inc. has been awarded a 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award in the Stencils category for its Advanced Nano Coating.

This accolade was presented during productronica in Munich, Germany.

As electronic packaging continuously evolves towards smaller sizes, it demands more accurate solder paste deposition in line with the changing IPC standards. StenTech's Advanced Nano Coating addresses this need effectively. The coating, a hardened nano layer measuring 1-3um, is applied to the bottom and inside the apertures of the stencil. This technology is characterised by its anti-adhesion properties, repelling solder flux and facilitating superior paste transfer.

The Advanced Nano Coating by StenTech can improve transfer efficiency by up to 25%, significantly reducing bridging and paste-related defects. Its ‘non-stick’ feature also means less underside cleaning is required, leading to better yields and lower costs for rework and touch-ups. The stencils coated with Advanced Nano are ready for use within 30 minutes, thereby increasing production efficiency and reducing downtime.

Greg Starrett, Director of Sales at StenTech, expressed his thoughts on the award: "We are honoured to receive the 2023 GLOBAL Technology Award for our Advanced Nano Coating. This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team in developing cutting-edge solutions that address the challenges faced by electronic packaging in today's fast-paced technology landscape.”

StenTech has established itself through its innovative stencil technologies. The company was instrumental in introducing Fibre Diode lasers to North America, marking a significant advancement in the industry. With a team of over 30 CAD designers, StenTech offers comprehensive support in stencil modifications, material recommendations, and thickness specifications, providing optimised stencil solutions for various applications.

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