Onsemi – Ride Vision

7th November 2022
James Anstee

Ride Vision is an industry-leading collision avoidance solution designed for two and three wheeled vehicles to keep riders safe on the road.

This is a collaboration between onsemi and Ride Vision, an Israel-based startup. The Ride Vision system uses in its cameras the onsemi Hayabusa (AR0147AT) image sensors, along with an onboard processing unit, where a patented algorithm is used to detect and notify riders of collision threats in real time.

While most modern vehicles have been incorporating safety features and functionality, this is not true of motorcycles – not withstanding that the chances of a fatality in a motorcycle accident are approximately 30 times higher than in a car.

Protective gear such as helmets, jackets, and boots can, at best, only protect riders during the event; they cannot prevent accidents from happening in the first place. It’s time that riders of 2 and 3-wheeled vehicles are afforded the same degree of safety options as motorists are.

Visit onsemi at electronica, C4.101 and chat to the team about the Ride Vision system.

Find more information about the product here: Home - Ride Vision

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