NVIDIA AI Enterprise awarded Best Choice of the Year award at COMPUTEX 2024

6th June 2024
Paige West

As the official award of COMPUTEX, the Best Choice Award (BC Award) has served as a reliable purchasing guide for international buyers.

The winner of the Best Choice of the Year Award was announced during the opening of COMPUTEX 2024 on 4th June. This year, the winner was NVIDIA AI Enterprise.

The judging panel stated that the NVIDIA AI Enterprise is an end-to-end software platform allowing corporations to use the open and free NGC library for trial-and-error testing when developing their own AI models. The easy-to-use microservices provided optimised model performance with enterprise-grade security, support, and stability, ensuring a smooth transition from prototype to production for enterprises operating on AI. During actual deployment, it could be converted to a more secure and stable platform, protecting company data and intellectual property with ongoing monitoring for security vulnerabilities and ownership of model customisations. It won the award because it could effectively accelerate the development of product-level GenAI applications to meet the needs of the global AI market and had excellent market potential.

TCA stated that the winners of this year’s BC Award include AI PCs, AI servers, gaming products, cybersecurity solutions, automotive chips, smart medical solutions, as well as products focusing on sustainability and other fields which support the global demands for AI digital transformation.

Sustainable Tech Special award promotes sustainability and circular economy

The Sustainable Tech Special Award was established to promote environmental sustainability, a key element of the ESG trend. Following international standards, the judging criteria for this award focused on: Material Usage, Chemical Inclusion, and Climate Change Impact. The award-winning products not only used environmentally friendly or renewable materials but also emphasised efficient energy consumption and heat dissipation, employing sustainable concepts to meet the demands for green procurement and circular economy.

These features will become increasingly important as new technologies and tech trends require more power and cooling. For instance, AI servers consume a significant amount of power and require sufficient cooling, where conventional air or fan cooling might no longer suffice. In this scenario, the Super Micro DLC (Direct Liquid Cooling) Solution will provide users with a much more efficient cooling method. As liquid coolant offers better heat dissipation than air, the system can deliver the necessary cooling while reducing energy demand and carbon emissions. The modular design also provides convenience for maintenance and repairs.

Another award-winning product, the MSI Cubi NUC series mini PC, is made with 92% renewable energy and rPET eco-friendly materials, packaged in FSC-certified paper. During use, the one-click power-saving function and energy cost calculator make the energy-saving process transparent and easy to understand. The product manual can be accessed via QR code to save paper, and business lease programmes are planned for the US and Germany to facilitate the circular economy and promote product and materials reuse and recycling.

BC award winning products will be displayed in TaiNEX 1, 1F and feature TCA 50th anniversary special event

To promote the award-winning products and generate interest from buyers and visitors worldwide, the award winners will be displayed at the BC Award pavilion in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Centre (TaiNEX) Hall 1, 1F, booth number I0307. Domestic and international buyers and professionals are welcome to visit the pavilion. Visitors can also join the special event celebrating TCA’s 50th anniversary in the pavilion.

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