Marelli named CES 2024 Innovation Award Honouree

8th January 2024
Paige West

Marelli, a supplier of mobility technology to the automotive industry, has been recognised as a CES 2024 Innovation Award Honouree for its Red LASER & Optical Fibre Rear Lamp.

This recognition comes as Marelli becomes the first in the lighting sector to successfully combine red LASER technology with rear lighting functionality. The creation involves merging a red LASER diode with optical sidelight fibres within the LASER, resulting in a thin illuminated line. This innovation grants Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) the ability to design distinct and stylish brand signatures.

This technology was developed by Marelli for a German luxury vehicle manufacturer to meet specific design demands. The goal was to create a unique night-time look using thin suspended light guides with a diameter of no more than 1mm. Traditional light guides, usually around 6mm in diameter and made of plastic, were unsuitable due to their size, weight, and lack of aesthetic appeal for this application. Optical fibres, in contrast, offer greater design versatility, allowing for different shapes and curves with light, and ensuring homogeneity that cannot be achieved with larger plastic light guides. These decorative fibres take up minimal space while creating the illusion of multiple illuminated lines and can be considered a standard component that can be adapted with various design and positioning options around the vehicle.

The combination of LASER and optical fibres is not only unique in its support for styling flexibility but also for its sustainability, thanks to its energy efficiency and reduced weight. Compared to LEDs, this technology achieves the same level of illumination and homogeneity with a third of the power consumption. Additionally, the LASER technology introduces a ‘speckle effect’ along the fibres, presenting a unique and never-before-seen appearance in rear lamps.

Marelli is set to display its latest technologies, including this LASER and optical fibre rear lamp, at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, from January 9-11th, at the Wynn Hotel, Latour Ballroom 5-6.

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