Indium receives innovation award for halogen-free, cleanable solder paste

18th April 2023
Sheryl Miles

Indium has earned Electronics Manufacturing (EM) World's Innovation Award for SiPaste C201HF, a halogen-free, cleanable solder paste specifically formulated to accommodate fine feature printing processes, as seen with 01005 and 008004 components.

The EM Innovation Award programme recognises and celebrates excellence in the electronics industry, encouraging companies to achieve the highest standards and push the industry forward.

“We are honoured to have SiPaste C201HF be recognised by EM World,” said Evan Griffith, Product Specialist – Semiconductor and Advanced Assembly Materials. “Our semiconductor assembly materials team has been working very hard to ensure that our materials meet and exceed customer expectations, and this product is reflective of that effort. As semiconductor manufacturing processes continue to advance, soldering materials need to be compatible with a wide process window to avoid costly product failures; SiPaste C201HF is one example of how Indium Corporation is meeting these advanced challenges.”

SiPaste C201HF combines superior non-wet open (NWO) performance with excellent stencil print transfer efficiency to satisfy the broadest range of process requirements and boost SPI yields. It leaves behind a cleanable residue, able to be removed with a commercially available semi-aqueous cleaning solution, or it can be used as a standard no-clean paste in processes where post-reflow cleaning is not applicable. It also features excellent transfer efficiency on fine feature apertures, with consistent process yields below 80μm.

Additionally, SiPaste C201HF delivers:

  • Consistent and tight solder deposit spread across multiple prints; excellent response-to-pause performance
  • Minimal voiding on tight-pitch components, ensuring joint strength on small components
  • Excellent reflow performance on components that exhibit high warpage
  • Enhanced slump performance with minimal bridging during the assembly process, improving yields for tight-pitch components
  • Flexible cleaning; can be used in processes that require cleaning with a saponifier or that do not require cleaning

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