Aetina wins M2M embedded hardware company of the year 2024

12th January 2024
Harry Fowle

Aetina has received the “M2M Embedded Hardware Company of the Year 2024 A IoT Breakthrough Awards Program”.

The Award is granted by the IoT Breakthrough, an independent market intelligence organisation that evaluates and recognises standout technology companies, products and services in the Internet of Things industry around the globe.

Reflecting on this achievement, Joe Lo, General Manager of Aetina, expressed his enthusiasm: "Receiving the 'M2M Embedded Hardware Company of the Year' award is a testament to Aetina's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in Edge AI. Our collaboration with NVIDIA and the successful deployment of AI solutions in manufacturing exemplify our dedication to providing cutting-edge technology that transforms industries."

Over the past year, Aetina has successfully launched a tailored AI solution designed to enhance productivity within existing Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) systems in manufacturing. This achievement is a result of Aetina's Elite Partnership with NVIDIA. The solution seamlessly integrates NVIDIA Metropolis for Factories with Aetina’s SuperEdge AI platforms, offering users the ability to significantly reduce the workload associated with reinspecting false rejects. Collaborating with NVIDIA, Aetina and its parent company, Innodisk, are actively deploying this solution in Innodisk’s advanced electronics manufacturing facilities.

Aetina’s AI solution optimises the reinspection process within production line AOI systems. Its implementation enables the identification of non-defective items among those that initially failed AOI inspection, substantially lowering the likelihood of misclassification. Following implementation, the rate of units under inspection marked as defective drops to under 5%, without increasing the risk of misidentifying defectives as defect-free items. This empowers assembly line workers to concentrate their efforts on rectifying genuinely defective items.

The SuperEdge series, Aetina’s x86 AI training platforms, are configured with powerful NVIDIA GPUs. Currently, one model from the SuperEdge family holds the distinction of being a member of NVIDIA-Certified Systems 3.0, ensuring optimal performance for NVIDIA’s AI software tools. Aetina is committed to launching additional AI training platform models that fully support NVIDIA’s software suite, facilitating swift development of various AI applications by developers.

The IoT Breakthrough Awards program, an annual initiative, aims to conduct the industry’s most comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the IoT sector—from connected homes to industrial and enterprise IoT solutions. This year's program garnered thousands of nominations worldwide, highlighting its global significance and the widespread recognition of outstanding contributions in the IoT industry.

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