Sondrel appoints Thomas Flynn as VP Sales North America

3rd November 2022
Sheryl Miles

Sondrel, a global semiconductor designer and supplier, delivering customised, ultra-complex ASIC chip solutions, has appointed Thomas Flynn as VP of Sales in North America.

Graham Curren, Sondrel’s Founder and CEO, said: “One of the important things that we said we would do after Sondrel listed on AIM is to build our North American sales team. Having Thomas as VP of Sales for North America is key to achieving this as he brings a wealth of senior management experience in the semiconductor industry and over three decades in sales with extensive contacts in the Valley.”

Thomas Flynn added: “Now that the USA’s CHIPS act is law, American companies are actively working on new supply chain models. A key part of this is the design of the ultra-complex chips that high technology companies need to maintain their leadership position with innovative products. There are only a handful of companies able to design on the leading-edge, 5nm and 3nm processes required to pack in the billions of transistors per chip and several of them face restrictions as they are based in China. Sondrel, on the other hand, is a Western-based supplier making us perfectly suited for business in North America. And, naturally, we can also design on mainstream technologies, such as 16nm and 28nm, if required.”

Once companies have selected Sondrel for their design business, they then need a partner to handle the manufacturing of the chip, which is a very complicated supply chain that requires a high level of expertise and experience. Increasingly, customers have been asking Sondrel to handle the manufacturing to ensure that this multi-million-dollar task is completed in the most efficient way.

Curren concluded: “Our complete turnkey service from design to shipping silicon of ultra-complex ASICs is exactly what customers need to remain competitive. Having a bespoke ASIC solution ensures that all the invaluable IP and innovations are safely encapsulated in the chip to protect from rivals trying to copy, which can easily happen with solutions based on off-the-shelf, standard chips. Having a bespoke solution also means that there are no compromises on Power, Performance and Area – customers have exactly what they want to achieve their goals of innovation and differentiation. Power, Performance, Area and IP Protection are the key factors driving the adoption and growth of ASICs.”

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