Schneider Electric elect new president of European Building and Controls Association

9th July 2021
Lanna Deamer

Schneider Electric has announced the election of Hans Smid as President of the European Building Automation and Controls Association (eu.bac).  

Smid immediately takes over from Jean Daniel Napar of Siemens, who has led the eu.bac for six years. As the Director of Digital Building at Scheinder Electric in Belgium and the Netherlands, Smid brings his history of exemplary leadership style to the role along with a long-standing focus on leading teams to action in the digitisation of buildings and the electrical engineering industry.  

This mission of the European Building Automation and Controls Association fits in seamlessly with Schneider Electric's ambitions to realise sustainable, more resilient, hyper-efficient, and people-oriented buildings in which to live and work. For example, the organisation helps the industry with the Buildings of the Future framework to meet sustainability and business obligations on the one hand, and the expectations of building users on the other. 

“As president of the eu.bac, I am actively committed to contributing to more sustainable, digital, and flexible buildings in Europe. As an organisation we help our members with real solutions to challenges they experience,” said Smid.  

Alongside Schneider Electric’s Buildings of the Future initiative, Smid’s appointment as President of the eu.bac ensures both tangible actions as well as actual solutions will be at the forefront of the agenda as we move towards the vision of a sustainable future. The appointment also reinforces the associations focus on next-generation talent, diverse experience, and leaders that exemplify tangible actions by equipping, enabling, and empowering the buildings industry to continue its essential sustainability campaigns. It’s this next generation of leaders and talent that will help realise the vision of eu.bac through real action and change.    

“We need to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from buildings to meet global climate goals,” added Smid. “We help organisations to comply with European laws and regulations, among other things. In addition, we stimulate digital transformation and construction infrastructure for the benefit of the economy and employment. Another spearhead is making affordable, reliable, and sustainable technology more accessible.” 

The eu.bac represents 85% of the European industry for building automation and controls and has a vision of a world where anyone lives and works in buildings that are smart, decarbonised, and efficient.  

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