Intertronics appoints Head of Learning and Development

23rd February 2023
Sheryl Miles

To help grow understanding of the selection and processing of adhesives for UK manufacturing, Intertronics has appointed Kevin Brownsill as Head of Technical: Learning and Development.

This newly created role is focussed both internally and outwardly on providing knowledge and skills to colleagues, customers, and the market.

Kevin has been at Intertronics for 15 years, having started in Sales and progressed into Sales and Technical management. Over this time, he has developed a deep understanding of this specialised area, as well as built strong relationships with customers, and has taken responsibility for Intertronics’ Technology Centre in Kidlington near Oxford.

The new role will formalise all of the internal and external training Intertronics offers, including webinars, seminars, in-person sessions, and 1-2-1 training. Customers can request individual training sessions be tailored to their need, and can choose whether they are delivered at Intertronics’ Technology Centre, their own site or online.

As part of the new role, Brownsill has already run seminars for more than 40 engineers at Jaguar Land Rover, covering The Art and Science of Choosing a Structural Adhesive and Adhesives and Coating Dispensing: Meeting the Challenges of High Technology Manufacturing. He has also delivered industry specific training to a medical device manufacturing company in Ireland.

“Our customer base is predominantly SMEs, with the appurtenant resources. And we are all aware of the shortage of engineering talent,” said Kevin Brownsill, Head of Technical: Learning and Development at Intertronics. “But we want manufacturers to know the right questions to ask when specifying adhesives and the relevant processing equipment, so that they can establish a productive process with the best chance of success.

“Building an adhesives process is complex, and there are a lot of misconceptions and myths around,” added Brownsill. “For example, we can teach our customers that productivity improvements and investing in automation doesn’t have to cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, and can be achieved gradually — it doesn’t have to be a complete manufacturing overhaul.”

“In our industry, significant importance lies in practical experience,” added Peter Swanson, Managing Director of Intertronics. “There is only so much you can glean from the datasheet, and our input means customers can benefit from the knowledge of a partner that has more than 30 years’ experience and has worked with thousands of other SMEs.”

Internally, Kevin is working on induction programmes for new staff, 'lunch & learns', and working closely with colleagues on individual training. He is undertaking a CIPD course in Organisational Learning and Developments. “Learning and growth is one of our fundamental values,” added Swanson. “It’s Kevin’s job to facilitate that in the business.”

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