Former GM executives bring experience to Nanoramic

4th November 2021
Kiera Sowery

Nanoramic Laboratories has added two senior industry leaders to its Advisory Board, Rick Wagoner and Lawrence Burns.

Both new members held key positions at General Motors (GM): Wagoner as former Chairman and CEO, and Burns as former Corporate VP of Research and Development.

Wagoner and Burns will assist Nanoramic in revolutionising the lithium-ion battery market with its Neocarbonix electrode technology. Using Neocarbonix, battery manufacturers can reduce costs by 20% and improve energy density by 30% compared to current battery designs, substantially increasing the range and affordability of EVs.

Eric Kish, CEO of Nanoramic, said: “Both Rick Wagoner and Larry Burns have vast experience across the EV and transportation sectors, as well as with lithium-ion energy storage systems and strategic planning. They will play a key role in driving the adoption of Neocarbonix and providing EVs with superior energy recovery, charge time, acceleration, braking, and performance in extreme environments.”

Wagoner had a 32-year career at GM and is best known for his pivotal leadership as the company’s Chairman and CEO. Since retiring from GM in 2009, he has been active as a board member and advisor to multiple public and early-stage companies. He currently serves as Chairman of Invesco and a board member of ChargePoint, Excelitas Technologies, and Graham Holdings.

Burns was Corporate VP of Research and Development for GM from 1998-2009, during which he was responsible for advanced technology development, product portfolio, and strategic planning. In 2011, Burns was elected as a member of the National Academy of Engineering for his leadership and contributions to automotive technologies.

He currently advises organisations such as Kitson & Partners, Goodyear, and Niron Magnetics on the future of mobility, manufacturing, energy, and innovation. Previously, he was a consultant to Waymo, Professor of Engineering Practice at the University of Michigan, and Director of the Programme for Sustainable Mobility at Columbia University.

Wagoner said: “I am pleased to be an investor in, and advisor to Nanoramic. I am a big supporter of the auto industry’s move to EVs and believe the technology that Nanoramic has developed can play a significant role in supporting that direction by offering smart ways to reduce battery cost and improve quality and reliability.”

Burns said: “Nanoramic has deep and proven material science and nano-material manufacturing capabilities. Combined with strong leadership and a focused strategy, it is transforming energy storage and thermo-material technologies. I am looking forward to helping this exciting company realise its full commercial potential.”   

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