Appointment of Bruno Roqueplo as President of SCS

8th March 2023
Harry Fowle

Vantiva has announced that Bruno Roqueplo has joined the company as the President of Supply Chain Solutions to oversee the entirety of operations and activities of Supply Chain Solutions (SCS).

In conjunction with overseeing all of SCS operations, Bruno Roqueplo will also assist the company to branch into manufacturing microfluidics, an area with strong growth potential, particularly in the field of health and medical diagnostics. Vantiva Precision BioDevices has just completed the extension of its innovation centre, positioning Vantiva to develop and manufacture injection-moulded polymer microfluidic consumables, in order to meet the demand of growing medical and life science markets.

“Vantiva has demonstrated operational resilience in response to supply chain challenges”, said Luis Martinez-Amago, CEO of Vantiva. “We have worked for years to transform Supply Chain Solutions into a hyper-flexible and adaptive global manufacturing operation with innovating new uses of pre-existing technologies and systems. With clients in such high scale industries such as set-top boxes, DVDs and Vinyl, we have been able to learn, navigate and optimize our supply chain services and anticipate market developments”.

SCS is a disc manufacturing, packaging and distribution service for all major studios, with 65% global market share and 90% of market share in North America. The company has also successfully manufactured vinyl records, lab-on-chip commercialisation and optical discs (i.e., DVDs, CDs and video games) for major studios, game publishers, independent rights holders, music labels, software developers and book publishers. SCS has leveraged its existing infrastructure to diversify and create four strategic growth-oriented market segments: vinyl, microfluidics, fulfilment services and global logistics brokerage. Recently, the innovations in designing, developing and deploying a new dynamic and flexible manufacturing process implemented as part of Vantiva’s Smart Lines manufacturing initiative were publicly recognized by the Institute of Supply Chain Management.

Over the past two years, Global Logistics brokerage, a Supply Chain Solution activity, has flourished and grown by 66%”, said Luis Martinez-Amago. “That trend of consistent growth has resulted in an improvement in profitability and has more than doubled the brokerage’s original 2022 budget objectives. We have found that a lot of our success can be attributed to the strategic investments we’ve made such as hiring talent with freight brokerage expertise, incorporating AI-powered technology into our operations and expanding our brokerage central offices”.

SCS has the capabilities to solve complex, end-to-end logistics and distribution challenges.  The company’s network of strategically located, global facilities enables SCS to provide clients in a variety of market segments access to highly flexible, scalable solutions to meet the demands of seasonal, promotional and fast-moving product cycles. Solutions include value-added supply chain solutions and 3PL services for both business-to-business and direct-to-consumer channels.

SCS is currently leveraging all verticals, assets and capabilities in:

  • Establishing vinyl production manufacturing, packaging and distribution in North America, in Europe and Australia to keep up with the rapid growth of the vinyl industry
  • Expanding into the microfluidics business segment
  • Further expanding non-disc supply chain and fulfilment into new markets
  • Enhancing transportation freight brokerage in North America

“We are thrilled to add Bruno to our team as he has extensive experience growing French-listed companies and a deep background in logistics, supply chain and manufacturing operations”, said Martinez-Amago. “Bringing Bruno onto the Supply Chain Solutions leadership team will help expedite market expansions over the next five years”.

Before joining Vantiva, Bruno Roqueplo worked in senior advisor and transition management roles within the construction, logistics and distribution, manufacturing, services and food sectors for companies including Groupe Elen, Deya, Shurgard, Algeco, Suntec Industries, Solice, Castorama, Carrefour and European Food Distribution. With over 30 years of international experience holding CFO and Managing Director positions in the retail, warehousing services and manufacturing sectors, Bruno Roqueplo has extensive expertise in change management.

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