Your oven could get smarter at SMTAI

31st August 2016
Peter Smith

KIC will exhibit at SMTA International and will demonstrate how its smart oven technologies can lead to reduced production costs, higher quality and the level of capabilities that today’s electronic assembly market is demanding. 

As electronic product variety continues to grow, the result is more frequent production line changeover. Productivity is lost when a multi-million dollar production line waits 15-30 plus minutes on a $50,000 oven to stabilize on the new recipe. KIC’s technology provides either near instant oven changeover time or dramatically reduced downtime. Additionally, KIC’s automatic systems eliminate manual tasks such as periodic manual profiling and reduce the opportunities for human mistakes in setting up and running the ovens.

KIC’s smart oven technologies automatically measure the PCB profile and its match to the relevant process window. Share this continuous and near real-time process and traceability data with all authorized personnel and MES over the factory’s LAN. True process data helps the maintenance people troubleshoot and fix issues faster. 

One key aspect of these smart technologies is that they are retrofitable on virtually all oven models at nearly any age which means the entire factory can use smart oven technologies.

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