Weller Tools' improved user-friendly website

19th March 2015
Jordan Mulcare

How do Weller Tools users find the ideal solution tailored product for their requirements from Weller Tools range of 3,000 products? This was the question central to revising the Weller Tools website. The new website features a contemporary design and an extended range of products, as well as simplifying access to content. The portal will be continuously expanded to include new functions and content.

The new website will have a modern look with clean lines, so users are not discouraged by sensory overload.

The new website features user friendly navigation. Users are now able to directly access the information they need, e.g. new products and technical data.

The flip-through online product catalogues also invites users to browse through the Weller products. Videos provide added value and users are now able to directly access the information they need. Users will also benefit from a wide range of service options, including operating instructions and software updates.

With the new webpage, Weller Tools position themselves on the internet, in a manner appropriate to the current range of products and services of the brand. They have presented their information in an even more compact and user friendly way. By revising their website, they have adapted it to meet the growing needs of internet users.

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