WAC LIGHTING's Sōl™ Organic LED Chandelier Receives Two SSL Architectural Product Innovation Awards at Lightfair

24th June 2011
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Leading the industry with technological innovation and the latest Organic LED advancements, WAC Lighting has received two Product Innovation Awards from Architectural SSL Magazine, for Sōl™, its Organic LED Chandelier. WAC Lighting is a global manufacturer and designer of track, recessed, undercabinet, monorail and decorative lighting. The WAC Sōl™ Chandelier received a Special Citation for the best use of OLED (organic light emitting diodes), and a Silver Product Innovation Award in the category of decorative pendants.
We are proud that Sōl™ has been recognized for its design and engineering innovation, explained WAC Lighting President Shelley Wang. Sōl™'s remarkably thin Organic LED panels have captured tremendous attention from the industry. This luminaire certainly represents the future of lighting possibilities.

Sōl™ is an upscale decorative chandelier utilizing Organic LED panels, the world's most revolutionary nanotechnology light source available today. Sōl™ is inherently sustainable, designed around energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology and individually crafted in WAC Lighting's clean manufacturing campus featuring zero landfill status and inhouse UL Labs.

Soft light from the OLED panels is incorporated into the design and requires no additional control from lenses or reflectors that traditionally results in a 10% to 40% loss in efficiency. The panels achieve energy efficiency without the use of heavy metals or other rare-earth materials commonly used in other energy-efficient sources. OLEDs are made of layers of carbon-based materials that self-illuminate in various colors when energized, without having an impact on the environment.

Organic LEDs transform lighting into a new experience that provides a unique platform for architects, lighting designers and designers to rethink decorative, general, and accent lighting, explains Ms. Wang. The slim profile of OLED panels encourages new design opportunities for lighting fixtures with utility, proportions and style.

Sōl™ was inspired by the Sun and ancient tribal designs, which celebrate this natural source of energy for the earth’s carbon-based life forms. For eons, the Sun has symbolized hope, vitality, eternal energy, renewal, and light.

Sōl™ features adjustable light distribution for ambient mood lighting, free of undesirable shadowing or glare. The circular satellite OLED panels rotate up for indirect lighting, or tilt down to comfortably illuminate the surface below, or faces around a table. The central downlight also provides supplemental lighting on a tabletop.

Exceptionally thin (2.1 millimeters), each of Sōl's seven Organic LED panels distributes warm white light with solid color rendering (CRI 80) and a warm color temperature (2800K). The OLED panels are fully dimmable and deliver a uniform area of glare-free light.

Sōl™ is crafted of aluminum and finished in Black Nickel. The chandelier is 18.5 inches in diameter and a mere 2 .2 inches tall. The overall height of the chandelier, with a supporting metal rod, allows the luminaire to be 12.25 – 40 inches tall.

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