WAC Lighting Receives The 2011 LED Award for Sōl Organic LED Chandelier at theLEDshow in Las Vegas

8th September 2011
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WAC Lighting President Shelley Wald received The LED Award for the Most Creative Use of LED/OLED for the Sōl™ Organic LED Chandelier, at theLEDshow™ which was held in Las Vegas on July 26th and 27th. The LED Award is the fourth accolade that Sōl™ has won this year.
Making its commercial debut in 20 lighting galleries across North America this autumn, Sōl™ demonstrates comfortable light from naked OLED panels. This artist’s piece is sculpturally representative of ancient symbols for the sun, energy source for life on earth. Each piece is hand signed and numbered.

Sōl™ features upgraded ORBEOS OLEDs from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors panels, which now deliver a total light output of 420 lumens. Sōl's seven, remarkably thin (2.1 millimeters) Organic LED panels employ the world’s most revolutionary nanotechnology, creating tremendous attention from the industry. Each Organic LED panel distributes warm white light with optimal color rendering (CRI 80) and a warm color temperature (3900K)

Sōl™ features adjustable light distribution for ambient mood lighting free of undesirable shadows or glare. Each reversible OLED panel is completely cool to the touch thereby inviting Sōl™ allows users to interact with the light sources in order to experience Organic LEDs; expanding the possibilities around future lighting applications, and changing the way people think about lighting

The circular satellite OLED panels rotate up for indirect lighting, or tilt down to comfortably illuminate the surface below or faces around a table. The central downlight also provides direct downward lighting. Soft, glare free light from the OLED panels is incorporated into the design and does not require the use of any additional lenses or reflectors to diffuse the light which would traditionally result in a 10 to 40 percent loss in efficiency.

We are proud that Sōl™ has been recognized for its creative use of OLEDs, stated Mrs. Wald. Sōl™ demonstrates design made possible with advancements in nanotechnology; an expression of true sustainability with organic light sources that are also energy efficient.

The Sōl™ chandelier is crafted of aluminum and finished in black nickel. It is 18.5 inches in diameter and 2.2 inches tall. The overall height of the chandelier, with a supporting metal rod, ranges from 12.25 to 40 inches tall.

Sōl™ is inherently sustainable, designed around energy efficiency and environmentally friendly technology. Each luminaire is individually crafted within WAC Lighting's wholly owned, Clean ISO 14001-certified manufacturing campus with in-house U.L. certified test labs. Sōl™ was created without the use of heavy metals or other rare-earth materials commonly used in other energy-efficient sources, which have major environmental impacts in the mining process.

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