Volex Acquires Manufacturing Licence For CXP Connector

10th June 2010
ES Admin
Volex Group plc, the global electrical and electronic cable assemblies group, has acquired from Molex, Inc. the manufacturing licence for CXP high-speed copper connectors. This 12X CXP connector system offers a high-performance and cost-effective solution within high-speed environments, such as server farms and data archive centres.
Molex is a global manufacturer of electronic, electrical and fibre optic interconnection systems. The organisation has licensed cable assemblies group Volex to manufacturer the 12X CXP connector system.

Molex's 12X CXP connector system enables twelve channels of 10 Gbps, totalling 120 Gbps of bandwidth, resulting in one of the fastest and densest products on the market today. The product has been engineered for application in high-speed data environments such as data-centres and telecoms networks, with the integral need to transmit increasing amounts of data whilst maintaining low costs and signal integrity.

Tom Aubin, Group Technology Director at Volex, comments, “As the demand for high-speed data transfer increases, Volex is developing a product portfolio which will put us at the forefront of innovation for these products. This agreement with Molex is an important addition to our manufacturing capabilities in this area, and we look forward to future collaborations.”

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