Vishay reveals "Super 12" featured products 2014

4th February 2014
Nat Bowers

Revealing the company's "Super 12" featured products for 2014, Vishay has identified 12 key semiconductor and passive components featuring new and improved technologies that can significantly improve the performance of end products and systems. The Super 12 collection highlights Vishay's capabilities in semiconductor and passive devices and provides a cross-section of Vishay's very broad product portfolio.

This year's Super 12 are:

  1. Suitable for high performance automotive, computer, industrial, and consumer applications, the WSLP Surface-Mount Power Metal Strip Resistors feature high power ratings to 10W, extremely low resistance values down to 0.0003Ω, and tight resistance tolerances to 0.5% in compact case sizes.
  2. The TMBS Trench MOS Barrier Schottky Rectifiers in SMPA Package provide low forward voltage drop down to 0.37V at 3A and a slim 0.95mm profile. The 45V devices in the SMPA package are AEC-Q101-qualified for automotive applications while the 50V rectifiers are ideal for smartphone and tablet chargers.
  3. Operating over a temperature range from -55 to +215°C (an industry first for any resistor array built on thin film technology), the PRAHT High-Precision Thin Film SMD Wraparound Chip Resistors are suited for high-temperature down-hole and aeronautics applications. The PRAHT four-resistor networks feature a maximum storage temperature up to +230°C.
  4. The TCPT1350X01/TCUT1350X01 SMD Transmissive Optical Sensorsfeature an industry-high operating temperature to +125°C with a wide 3.0mm gap and typical output current of 1.6mA. The AEC-Q101-qualified single-channel TCPT1350X01 and dual-channel TCUT1350X01 are suitable for automotive and industrial applications.
  5. Built on Vishay's IHLP technology for high performance in SEPIC DC/DC converters, the IHCL Composite-Coupled Inductors integrate two inductors in one compact 10.16x10.67mm package with coupling of more than 90% and high-temperature performance to +155°C.
  6. The SiZ340DT Dual N-Channel 30V MOSFET is supplied in the PowerPAIR 3x3mm package. Featuring TrenchFETGen IV technology, the asymmetric dual power MOSFET provides 57% lower on-resistance, up to 25% higher power density, and 5% higher efficiency than previous-generation devices.
  7. Suitable for DC-link applications, the MKP1848C Metallized Polypropylene DC-Link Film Capacitor offers the industry's broadest capacitance range of 1-500µF, compact footprints down to 9x32x19mm, and voltage ratings from 500-1200V.
  8. Providing designers with a complete high-current solution in only 180mm², the SiP12109 microBUCK Integrated Synchronous Buck Regulator features integrated high- and low-side power MOSFETs in the space-saving 3x3mm QFN-16 package.
  9. The QUAD HIFREQ Series MLCCs are designed for high-frequency RF applications in telecommunications, medical, military, and industrial equipment and instrumentation. The series features ultra-high Q greater than 2000, ultra-low ESR down to 0.01Ω in the 1111 case size, and voltage ratings to 1500V.
  10. Offering extremely low conduction and switching losses to save energy in high-power, high-performance switch mode applications, the SiHG47N60E / E Series High-Voltage MOSFETs provide low on-resistance of 99mΩ and gate charge of 147nC at 10V.
  11. The MCB WCR Water-Cooled Power Resistor is optimised as a snubber and DC grading resistor for large drives and HVDC/SVC. It offers very high power dissipation up to 2500W at 60°C water inlet temperature and tolerant of high pulses up to 5000W for 10s.
  12. Supplied in an SMPD package which is footprint-compatible with the D2PAK (TO-263) while offering a lower typical height of 1.7mm, the TMBS Trench MOS Barrier Schottky Rectifiers in SMPD Package are suitable for commercial applications. The 45-120V devices offer low forward voltage drop down to 0.40V at 15A.

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